Moon Type Chapter 2– Serge

Chapter 2– Serge

Silver shuffled to the door, peeking through the eyehole and opening the door to find a gray-haired masked man wearing a viridian jacket and a black turtleneck overall. The man waved at Silver in a relaxed manner and held up a package before shuffling out of the driveway. Right at the moment, Granny Chive ambled to the door and rasped,” Who was that?”

“Mr. Serge, the hipster guy living somewhere around here,” Silver stared back and forth at the package and the retreating silhouette of Serge, “I wonder why he gave it to me…” He carefully peeled off the wrapping paper and eyed the device that lay in his hands. A pedometer. Why would Serge give him something like that? He turned the device over so that its screen was facing his palm and scanned for any switches. All he found was a piece of paper. There was a message, like the three sentences below this sentence, written in cursive by Serge.

This is a decoder.

Get the data chip for maps from me.


The decoder, as Serge had called it, had almost no applications or buttons save for a stylus tucked at the side and a little cylindrical tube for some unknown means. He would have to ask Serge then. From the corner of his eye, Silver noticed Garfield rummaging through his grocery bag, neatly placing its contents on the small coffee table that the bag sat on. Kan, on the other hand, was skulking in the corner and playing with the crayons that he found in one of the old cardboards. Temma was in the kitchen together with Granny Chive, washing the vegetables that Silver had just bought. His family. They each had their differences and none were perfect; Temmy with her hot-temper, Kan with his attitude that provoked Temmy and Garfield with his cookie obsession. At times he found himself wishing for another family, perhaps one that was perfect; a caring mother, a fun father and little angels of siblings. But he loved the way his family was, the laughs and arguments they had. True, a family like the neighbors’ would be nice, but his was destined to be with him and Silver didn’t want anything to change that.  Silver sighed to himself, half-heartedly searching for the switch. The screen of the decoder lit up as Kan removed the power card from the power board. Silver shuffled to the power board and slotted the power card back in, shooing away Kan as he watched the device screen with curiosity that of a child’s. The device was touch screen and he did not expect the device to have such a clear screen resolution nor did he expect it to contain information pertaining to him, right down to his birth date. It had a clear database about him and it had touch-screen function, explaining the lack of buttons. There was also a user’s manual on the main screen and Silver scanned through the entire manual, not noticing Garfield clinging up his leg while Kan and Temmy engaged in a wrestling match for the umpteenth time of the day. The device apparently was quite useful, allowing the owner to gain access to any locked items, be it doors or even entire computer systems. He would have to thank Serge for the gift.  Then Silver noticed another application on the main screen. Signal. Curiosity getting the better of him, Silver opened up the signal application and instantly regretted the decision for the rest of the day.


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