Moon Type Chapter 3– Finding Finnian

             A boy with strawberry blonde hair lay in the corner, his eyes closed, his eyelashes frosted over and grime clung on his cheeks. Silver was strolling down the street, trying to locate where the signal from his pedometer-like device. That thing had been beeping since the previous afternoon and he had sought advice from Serge, only to lead him here, trying his very best to locate the signal from the data chip given by Serge. The friendly man had gifted Silver a map chip to be inserted to the device, which he called a device. The boy stirred and reached for his pant pocket, retrieving a device that looked similar to Silver’s.

“Thank you, Professor Herman… requesting Mr. Serge to give the person whose device detected my signal…” The boy’s eyelids dropped from the weight of frost on his eyelashes. Life seemed to be seeping out of him with every second passed. His strawberry blonde hair was matted with grime and he hugged his knees, trying to keep warm. The toast he had eaten almost centuries ago had given him warmth that thankfully still lasted but he could almost feel his blood freezing as the tips of his fingers started to shiver from the cold. He tried to breathe into his palms in a failed attempt to make them warm again but to no avail. He knew that winter was not this cold; it was the effects of staying too long in the cold that was slowly turning him into an ice sculpture. The device in his hand vibrated once again and the lad warily glanced over. At first, his eyes reflected nothing but desperation and hopelessness, but a glimmer of hope shone fiercely in his eyes as he scanned the device’s screen. 

Silver glared at the decoder’s screen in frustration. He was near the place where the signal came from now, but where was the signal exactly coming from? He wanted to stomp and grind the machine to a million pieces but had to control himself. An idea came into Silver’s mind and he grinned to himself, maximizing the map and taking a quick glance around.  That was when Silver first spotted him. In that split second, the device stopped beeping.

  Silver smirked and went over to the very corner the boy was crouching on and prodded him.The device started beeping almost immediately. Silver looked from the boy to his device.  There was a video call from Serge.

“I guess you’ve found Finnian?”

“Who’s that….”

“Hey there Finny!I’m Serge, the person Professor Herman entrusted you to. There’s this person I’d like you to meet, Silver. By chance is there a redhead in front of you with silver eyes?”

“Yeah…” The boy beside me muttered loud enough for Serge on the other line to hear.

“Right, that’s Silver. Hey Silver, the boy beside you is Finnian. He’s going to be staying at your house for some time, okay? I’ve told your grandma already.” He held up a peace sign and smiled extra goofily for the effect. Finnian, according to Serge smiled warily and closed his eyes, falling asleep amidst the raindrops pelting down from the slate grey skies. The rain wet his hair, every drip delicately dripping down his fringe, down his cheeks and then onto his shirt. Silver took a second glance at the device before carrying the boy back to his house. 


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