Moon Type Chapter 6– First Impressions last

             The lights were off. Beneath the bustling streets, there lay a lab. A woman was entering the lab, swiping her card to gain entry. Serge watched on intently from his small apartment blocks away from this lab. He had to thank Professor Herman for giving him such a wonderful view of the exact activities in the lab. There was Sird, Zephyr’s assistant, who was suspected of the insect outbreak that led to the deaths of Finnian’s parents.  And Zephyr, who was probably brainwashed to the core by Sird and the rest of humanity he had left, was not to kill his only daughter, Nyra. Next up was Silver, who was somehow mind-linked to Finnian. That led to him being involved in this rather confusing case. At least he got to watch tape after tape of videos like a sadistic bastard and criticize everything he noticed. Like the way Sird walked, the way Zephyr ate. Before entirely losing his wits, Zephyr, the tiresome bastard who had started this mess and possibly accoplaspe, had entrusted him and Herman to his daughter and three specific creatures that were mind-linked in hopes that they would stop him. Acnolgia, Heren and the mysterious Tag.  The state, made up of three towns would come to decide what was to follow. It was confusing though, Silver’s mother was the head of state, Zephyr’s wife being the head of the defense and what-not as well as Granny Chive being the head of education. Nyra’s family owned a large piece of private property and even her mom got to climb the political ladder. And yet no one gives a hoot when their mayor stays right next door living as welfares. That was to his chief, the odd family of Japanese dolts.

The morning sun rushes in and Finnian wakes up. He releases Tag and hugs the bipedal weasel.  Tag motions to the table, where a note is left behind. Then he traces something on Finnian’s hand, making him gasp. A note on the table from her. Silver wakes up, yawning luxuriously before staring at Finnian and mumbling something about Acnolgia wanting cheese.

“Good morning, Silver.”

“Hi…Acnolgia says he wants cheese… When is Serge’s appointment anyway?”

“After breakfast. Since when did we switch personalities?”


“I thought you were the serious guy here.” Silver yawns again before trying his best not to plop back down onto bed.

“I’m not a morning person. Give me another twenty seconds… Taking a power nap…” He yawns and collapses onto bed like an extra-large chunk of jelly.

         Two minutes later Finnian has finished brushing his teeth and was trying to wake out the bed-potato Silver. Then he had the best idea. He loaded dub step and heavy metal onto his music player and held the device to Silver’s ears.

“Ugh! I said twenty seconds, yeah! And I prefer classical to heavy metal! Definitely not dub step!” Silver yells and ended up comically pointing his index finger at Finnian, his facial expression priceless. His red hair was messed up and looked like Medusa’s crowning glory. Silver’s sleepy eyes reminded Finnian of grey pigeon eggs. No wonder Silver was not a morning person.  Then Silver painstakingly drags himself to the bathroom and screams something about cheese.  Five minutes later, Silver emerges, his hair looking absolutely normal and his eyes sharpers. He still reminded Finnian of Serge.  

“Finnian! Breakfast’s almost over…”

“I’ve already had my fill.”

“I know! Let’s go to Serge’s now!” There was Silver dragging Finnian out of his yard.

              A few minutes later they arrived at the meeting place, Finnian back to his carefree personality and Silver back to his serious side.  Serge was still looking at the confused and slacking duo over his morning toast, quite amused himself.Then Serge stands up from his seat.
“You two, have arrived 4 minutes and 41 seconds early! Darn it! I didn’t even get to finish my morning toast and now this?” He was grabbing the roots of his hair in frustration.

“U-um… Mr Serge, we’re terribly sorry so can we…” Serge freezes, looks up and grins maniacally at the speaker. Both of them.

“Got you! Didn’t I?” Serge threw back his blonde head and laughed. 

“Not. Very. Funny.” Both of them answer in unison.

“Pfft. Says Mr Serious and Mr Serious. “  He pretends to laugh under his hand like a gossiper.

“Very well then, we’ll be going~” Silver and Finnian marched away from the café, swinging their arms happily.

“Meet me at the subway, you two! I’ll be eating my toast here!” Serge yells to them before wolfing down his piece of toast.


          The calming piece of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was played in the subway station where there was almost no soul in sight. Finnian and Silver collapse onto a chair and slump into the cushion before wolfing down energy bars.  

“Nice atmosphere here… You think, Silver?”

“The music here is nice. Acnolgia says that he wants cheese.” Silver stated munching on his second energy bar. A few moments later Serge emerged from a trap door right in front of where the duo was sitting.

“Howdy! Come over here! And bring your food too!” Serge waved to duo to join him. There was no music playing in the trapdoor and the atmosphere was more sinister than ever.

“What’s with the chilly air?” Finnian asked, already shivering. Serge shot him a questioning glance and Finnian sighed.

“Now what do we do?” Serge beckoned to the duo and handed them a torchlight each.

“Follow me.”

“Why?” Finnian inquired, trying to catch up with Serge without tripping.

“Just follow me.” Serge was walking with almost no problem at all while Finnian was struggling to keep his equilibrium. It took the trio a few minutes of trudging before a blast of cool air hit their faces. Serge waved at the drowsy Finnian and gestured at the area brightened by an overhead lamp.

“We’re here!” He whispered before cutting off the lamp’s power.

“What was that for?” Finnian frowned. Serge pointed to a small camera that was previously hidden by the light from the lamp.

“So what are we going to do now, Serge?” Silver finally spoke up, his mind exploding with unanswered questions.

“We break in and defeat the baddies!” Serge fist-pumped the air in mock enthusiasm.

“What?” Silver just let the word slip his tongue.

“We’ll be going in then…” Serge marched ahead, swinging his arms back and forth.

“There’s something ahead of you, Serge.” Silver reminded just in time before Serge knocked into the small blue blob. On closer examination, the blue blob turned out to be a deformed mutant. It had no eyes, a pair of slimy hands and a pair of wobbly feet. Finnian’s feet knocked against a stone and it turned its head in their general direction. The mutant took a few wobbly steps towards them before collapsing with a soft squish.

“What was that?” Silver could not help asking as he stared at the mutant that was slowly turning into a small lump of goo.

“Sird’s grunts. It’s a deformed one, judging by its blue color. They normally are green and the ones on rampage are red.”

“They’re the mutants I told you about, Silver.” Finnian was broken between crying and stepping on the small lump but his face remained stoic.

“Time to go, Finnian. Leave it as it is, please.” Serge waved Finnian over and Silver sighed, leaving the small lump on the ground that was slowly turning colder. He caught Serge smiling thinly to himself.

“Where exactly are we going, Serge?” Silver couldn’t help asking. Just couldn’t.

“We’re here already. “ Serge came to a halt and examined the door carefully.

“Finnian, Silver. Lend me your devices.” He whispered and the duo complied immediately.

“Now let’s see… Put it at the sensor here…” He waved the two devices in front of a small sensor the size of a button.

“Herman? You there? Hermy hermy Herman…” Serge started waving the two devices in front of the sensor like a hula dancer.

“Ugh! Serge! I’m here already! Come in, come in!” There came a man’s voice over the telecom. Gruff, it was and quite clearly irritated. Serge held up a peace sign with his two fingers and beckoned us to stand at a platform marked out by glowing electric stripes on the floor. The platform started to elevate and a glass shield was emerging from where the glowing stripes were. Then it dived into a passageway that was carved by a metal shutter opening. Finnian pressed his nose against the glass shield and Silver couldn’t help but to observe Serge working on the computer system present in the panoramic glass cabin. An array of glowing buttons were present, each embossed with their respective details. A small microphone and a miniature LCD screen accompanied the buttons with what Silver thought as a speaker. The view that the glass cabin gave was impressive indeed, metal walls with glow-in dark stripes similar to those on the floor and occasional peeks to the laboratory through a small glass window shaped like a semi-circle that protruded out.  The first sight they caught sight of was rainforest flora with all their flamboyant reds and greens.  Next was an indoor aviary full of exotic birds and their nesting plants. Finnian waved at a small mynah which had landed near to the viewing glass as the cabin zipped past. Serge turned and smiled before releasing both Tag and Acnolgia. 


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