Moon Type Chapter 7– MIIIIIIVII

                 “Hey, Silver. Do you believe that Tag and Acnolgia came from the same litter? They both have the same type of personality, though Tag has a more caring nature than Acnolgia, thus explaining their mind-link connection.” That was almost immediately proved true as Tag proceeded to groom Acnolgia’s fur and Acnolgia went on to give Tag a mischievous cuff by the ear. Silver thought about the last of the three, Heren. Judging from what he saw of it, Heren was one large bird, otherwise a large hunting bird capable of flying great distances and ferrying people as well.

“Heren is an albatross, quite a large one I should say. It can ferry people to great distances and much more. Quite agile for its size, I should note. However, it has clawed feet instead of webbed ones, unlike its peers.” Silver sweat dropped.

“There are a total of three of you, with three of these creatures that can be released automatically upon command through your puppet arm application. You with Acnolgia, Finnian with Tag and Nyra with Heren.” Silver examined the black device attached to his wrists with the help of Acnolgia.

“Nyra is Zephyr’s only daughter.” Silver stared, dumbfounded by the news. Serge continued clicking away at the buttons before making his way to a small cushioned seat at the side of the cabin.The cabin wasn’t exactly glass though, just the south side transparent as well as the doors. Serge’s skilled fingers found their way to a certain spot of the seat before he forced open a trapdoor and a packet of mint tumbles out. SPORE MINT, that was the letters printed on the top. Serge cracked open the packet and popped a white tablet into his mouth, offering one to Silver as well.  

“Mints, you want some?” Serge shakes out a tablet and hands it to Silver.

“Spore mint?” Silver couldn’t help but ask.

“Right. Mint made from the peppermint version of spore, coming from the greenhouse you saw earlier on. We’ve got a larger one in our second base, though. “Serge shrugs nonchalantly at Silver’s questioning glance as he pops the tablet into his mouth.

       The freshness of mint exploded in his mouth as soon as his tongue came in contact with the tablet. It was an electrifying experience. Let one’s taste buds have mercy if one added chili pepper to this, Silver thought sadistically. Serge caught Silver’s attention before reaching for another packet of the mints and beckoning him closer. Serge then pointed at Finnian who was still admiring the view before showing Silver the words inscribed onto the packet. Chili mint, huh, Silver thought, passing one to Finnian. Then he shoved a bottle of mineral water into Finnian’s hands. Finnian’s face was quite priceless, his cheeks actually turning red and smoke coming from his mouth. Almost immediately Finnian gulped down the water and started panting like a dog.

“What was that? Some new kind of mint?” He was taking deep breaths, trying to get the taste off his taste buds. He dropped the mint into the remaining water and watched as the water started fizzing and gaining heat. Silver was sure that Finnian might never eat mint again.

“Pass me the water, Finnian. It’s chili pepper mint, if you want to know. The dissolved tablet can be used as a secondary power source for this lift. Silver, get me the citric acid powder. I need to power up this lift, it’s too slow.” Silver handed a small yellow packet to Serge and Finnian warily passed the water to him.

“Now watch. I’ll first get the powder into this small cup over here and pour the dissolved tablet mixture into the cup. Note that the mixture has become more carbonated. Have you seen Lemon powered battery? The battery for this cabin can be powered by a variety of energy sources, including acids in fruits and liquids. Got any cola on you? Then I’ll pour the dissolved acids and your mint into this container over here and connect the wires to the container. Ta-da!” The lift went faster almost immediately and sped up when Serge poured some cola into the container. The mixture was fizzing even more and bubbles were created. Silver dropped a mint tablet into the mixture and noticed that it dissolved almost immediately within bubbles and a white powder sank to the bottom.

“Right here we create almost everything with our spores. Like the battery spore and spore-a-chute. You’ll get to see the spore forest and Petrified Forest later on. Unfortunately, that’s where the giant buzzers and Wood Giant lives.” Serge shrugs. Then he suddenly remembers something and pops a sugar cube into the container which fizzes for a while before dissolving into the liquid mixture. Silver watches as Tag grabs a fruit from a nearby branch as they whizzed passed a viewing hole.

“Whoa, didn’t know that you can just nab things from there…” Silver just let the sentence slip his tongue and watched as the small hole that Tag had made in the glass slowly seals back.

“Those viewing portals are made out of a regeneratable membrane, donated from a very happy mutant that we’ve stumbled across. They offer a really nice view and allow only human hands to penetrate them from the inside and is bulletproof if hit from the outside.” Serge added before continuing work on the intercom system. “Silver, mind helping me with this?” Only after a few worthless attempts of trying did Serge request for the red head’s help.

Silver shuffled to the control panel and examined the buttons. After a brief moment of deciding, he clicked two buttons and managed to summon the mouse before clicking even more buttons without even taking a look at the user’s manual. Serge was impressed. True, he had heard that this boy was a genius and even tore apart clocks and fixed game consoles but who knew that he could start up a complex intercom system that was no amateur’s cup of tea?

“Room code, Serge?” Silver turned back to Serge whose eyes were transfixed on the LCD screen.

“Oh, right, its lounge number MIIIIIIVII, living quarters. Check the resident’s data. It should be either Herman S. Marty or Nyra N. Aura. Related to Zephyr Animus Aura if they ask. Make this conversation private, please. “Silver’s brows creased a little before they relaxed.

“All conditions go up to only one, Serge.” Silver turned to Serge before he started producing feedback with a nearby Morse code machine.

“This should keep them out. Radio signals can’t be transmitted if I keep up with this firewall. It doesn’t affect the transmitting of information to the other end. If we were to tap information on this side, others might not be able to tap it. This system doesn’t have a firewall, so kudos to the one who sets one up.”  Serge faintly nodded.

“Now to tap the information on this side. I’ll have to borrow one of Finnian’s bobby pins or some clip like a crocodile clip. Don’t worry, I’m not using your pin to dig ear wax.”  He dug in his pockets to fish out an electrician’s clip, a far better option than a bare metal pin. Silver went to the only wires visible and made a neat cut with his ruler and clipped the electrician’s clip onto the cut before dusting his hands.

“There! All set! Now for the information to come…” Silver returned to his position at the screen again before turning to Serge, who picked up the intercom phone and turned on the speaker.

“Howdy! When are we going to be there?” Serge chirped casually and waved at the webcam.

“In 46 seconds time, you needn’t be counting, Sergio. You’re smart there, charging up the cabin. Tell me, what did you use?”

“We used the mints and citric acid powder we found under the seat, water and a sugar cube.” Serge waved the packet of mints and the torn packaging for the powder.

“Very well. I shall meet you in 16 seconds time. Check the timer if you want a countdown. Took you long enough though, Sergio.”

“See you then, Marty.” Silver noticed the stopwatch at the screen and smiled as the lift came to a stop. The glass cabin lowered itself from its passageway as the shutter closed the opening. Then the walls dis-assembled themselves, the top had disappeared along with the passageway and all that was left was an innocent looking platform marked out by glow-in dark stripes.

“Hello, Sergio. It appears that we have guests, am I right, Nyra?” A deep voice came from a speaker somewhere in the rooms and lights immediately brightened to reveal a lobby almost similar to the lab entrance; but the flooring was overlapped by cardinal velvet carpet with rosewood furniture as well as antiques all around the room.

“Welcome to lounge number MIIIIIIVII of the living quarters, my dear guests. I trust that you are tired, monsieur?” A loud voice boomed from the far end of the lobby, laughter thick and rich in it.


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