Latest Chapter (Not part of the MT you were reading earlier on)


“Hey, you ‘ere?” A voice brought me back to reality, breaking my trance. I was lying on hard and moist ground as cold air rushed into my lungs.  I could no longer sense Finnian or Nyra around me. All I felt was a deep, empty space, stranded in the middle of nowhere.

“You still ‘ere, red head?”  Pale light showered me as I warily opened my eyes, expecting to clash with the teal or gray eyes of my comrades. However, I was met with the raven eyes of a raven-haired punk smiling goofily. Nyra’s words flashed across my mind as the punk helped me up. ‘Remember, we’re supposed to meet 3 people from Tech City, if not in Tech City. I’ll be meeting with Lizzie, Finnian with Drake and Silver with Raven. Well… Serge didn’t leave much on their physical appearances, nor did Sird. But I think we’ll know when we meet them. They had an aura similar to ours, the same flame burning within their hearts, which was all that Sird said. Somehow I know it’s a key to something. Do you still have your gummies? We’ll be heading off now! According to Alcaloid, they’re all in Eon, meet back in Honeybone Lodge if you ever find them!’  “Hey…” My mouth went papery dry the moment I spoke. The punk wore a cross similar to the one that hung on my neck.

“Yeah? You pretty much blacked out by the time I got ‘ere. This place is nice, huh? Somehow you ended up here and I had to break through all that layers of cyclones built around this area just to find you disappointingly unconscious. The name’s Raven and you’re searching for me, aren’t you? Let’s save the questions for later, first to get outta ‘ere!” A cloud of jet-black feathers formed beneath his tanker boots, lifting him to the surface of the cave I was previously stuck in, proceeding to manoeuver his way up. My mind went blank for a moment before a single sentence crossed my mind as I watched him rise towards the light.

“This… is the bridge in between the worlds.  Neither light nor darkness exists here, only eternal loneliness… emptiness… the ruins of time…” Raven whipped his head around. “Whose voice could that be… so familiar… It’s the same soul, the same heart… but… it’s different…” I continued, my mind whirring. The name flashed across my mind for a split second, but I could not recognize who it was, having so much sorrow and desperation in their heart. The person had shared the same tears, same scars as I did. Somehow… by someway… my heart recognized that voice. But… it was not only one voice, it was many. Nestled in the emptiness between good and evil; darkness and light, was the tears of many; the same desperation, sorrow and lingering sadness. Only through this emptiness can one see the scars that all of us bear… are the same.  

“We’re the same, huh… Drake says I’m introverted, but deep inside I know he’s just the same as me… We’re identical, just like brothers. We… might not behave the same… or look the same… but…” Raven turned back and looked at me, a small smile creeping to his pale face. I knew what exactly he was going to say.

“Sometimes… the wisest are those that cry the most. The loneliest can be the person with the most friends. The kindest may be the bad-looking guy.” The words slipped my tongue and I caught a flicker of surprise in those mysterious raven eyes of his.

“According to what I know, you and I are the light beyond the light. Finnian and Lizzie are the Light while Drake and Nyra are the light that never shows. It’s an odd arrangement, don’t cha think? They said that the world used to be nothing but darkness. Light was born from within that desolate emptiness and proceeded to shine in each of our hearts. But soon, the world was overwhelmed with darkness once again, but this time, even the purest of heart couldn’t defeat that darkness. Does it surprise you? Darkness lies in every single heart, seeking every chance to take over you. But within the depths of our heart, a hidden light slumbers. The world is like a desert, sandstorms blow all the time, covering us in layers after layers of sand and dust but we only are able to shake them off at ‘home’. They say that people change over the years. But I don’t think that way. A leopard can never change its spots, no matter how hard they try. People never change; they’re still being child they once were deep down inside. Maybe it’s us. If they don’t change, then it’s because we are no longer able to see through all the layers that cover them, that’s because we’re not close enough. Friends would never abandon you; maybe it’s just you that has left them. But sometimes seemingly close friends would suddenly betray you; it maybe because you never understood them and they were never your friend from the start or you’ve betrayed them. If we’re all the same deep inside, so why aren’t we the best of friends? Ideals and ambitions fill every humane mind. I may be saying this, but next moment I’ll be the same as you are. No one is ever born superior. We are considered so by our actions and mostly ourselves, rarely others. If we have all the time to say that no one understands us, have we tried to understand people? When someone says that we’ve changed, but in truth, we’ve never done so. Our attempts to change make others think so. Do what is good and right, but never at the cost of losing yourself… “His statement made me stare at him, dumbfounded. We… were alike? The same scars… the same guilt as well as the same burden. “All I wanted to do was to protect my comrades from the dark guilds under the Odd Jobs operating in Eon and we ended up destroying the entire dark guilds organization… Drake can be something for once…”

“Hey… how did you get here?” I didn’t remember much on how I came to being blacked out but since he should be probably conscious when he got here, Raven should have an idea.

“Oh, I was swinging by the edge of Eon when I got thrown into the air since I swung too hard and landed by where I found you. Seems pretty odd for a person to take a nap here, right? This place seems sorta odd… you have any idea where we are?” I probed around in my pocket and fished out my Electro-Journal. There was a new message on the dashboard. 


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