Overall storyline, yeah

If you don’t like spoilers or something you completely might not want to know, yeah, don’t read this. Later on i’ll be doing a crossover between Tech City and Moon Type. Well, they’re technically the same, just that Tech City is the more practical one, though they’ll be the same series.

Tech City and Moon Type are set in the same realm/universe, Xenda. 

Tech City is mainly about the exploration of Eon and its various sub-realms. Not to mention a lil’ bit of the Memory ‘Verse through Raven’s memory shard. 

Moon Type explores Spore Forest, Dragon Universe, Xenda(and its sub-realms), the Memory universe. 

All main characters in both series are seers. 

MT Seers are all rogue seers, with only Silver an Academy Seer(he graduated, lol) 

In MT the main villain is the ‘third person’ (4 colours: William, Zephyr, Herman, Chron*) 

In TC the main villain is Chron(aka the Ultimate Villain) or Zephiroth, a computer mastermind of the Darkguilds, a series of underground robots and computers operating within Odd Jobs(organisation). Chron manipulates Zephiroth, therefore he is the ultimate villain. 

But villains aside, Chron is a time-traveller (shown when he appears in Serge’s memories despite being from Zephyr’s generation.) In Serge’s memory, he takes form as a mysterious boy with blonde hair and brass eyes(occasionally with hints of a clock-pattern in it caused by pigment reaction to certain auras) 

Writing Wiki entries -.- This is actually a comparison between both, yeah. I’m NOT adding the spin-off Memory Prism(sub-series) and Checkmate(part of MP) to confuse you. 

There is also another person with almost the same abilities as Chron, and that is Sird with the ability to Time Seal.

So, yeah. Sneak peak comin’ in da next post~ (MT x TC)

BTW, Tech City is the name of the hometown that the main characters in TC.

Moon Type is the type of seal used to calm the Forest Giants




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