Another guy from the Deadly 7, but this time he has an aura that projects distracting images/ illusions into his foe’s minds so much that they end up lost in their own dream universe.
AKA Illusionist Charles
The illusions he projects often differ from person, accurately projecting what the foe craves for deep inside, earning him the nickname of Lust Illusionist Charles.
Besides his master illusions, a look into his eyes once he activates his ‘demon eye’ can suspend one into hours in a universe where he can freely torture his victims(they instantly faint, ‘cos he’s 6D and awesome)


5 thoughts on “EXTERMINATOR Charles

    • His expertise is like Itachi’s but…
      He looks like Charles Grey with green hair and green contacts YOLO
      Not to mention since his ‘Demon Eye’ is in the same page as his expertise, he has complete control of it
      Oh, and the MC’s ‘Demon Eye’ is the not awakened, unlike most(majority) of the EXTERMINATORs.
      Yep, about 99.999% of them have it since their childhood, therefore majority can control it due to it being the first they use. Meaning that the MC is a born ‘Soul Reaper’ aka a ‘true’ EXTERMINATOR since her demon eye is not awakened, enabling her to have emotions since the ‘Demon Eye’ is a muffler on the EXTERMINATOR’s feelings.

      • A bit o’ a spoiler.
        Having her ‘demon eye’ unawakened, it means that the MC is practically defenseless and would more easily succumb to illusions or normal gimmicks that others could have easily seen through. However, she is not the only one, there are others who share the same disability, namely her childhood friends. At the age of 2, she was sent, along with her childhood friends, to the top of the protected area so that she would live a normal live until she was ‘ready to enter the world’ with the aid of Pandora and another 2 of the deadly 7.

  1. There was also a period of time when a rampaging Domestic-Pet under the name of Nico who the MC fought for the first time and won. After the encounter, Nico often appears alongside the MC to ‘guard’ her. Sometime after, she was made to take a test, actually a scheme set up by the deadly 7 to gauge her powers.
    Unlike the MC, her twin was very well known and respected, but ended up going on rampage to acquire the 1st origin, the root of the EXTERMINATOR’s power in order to have universal dominance out of hatred of the MC since she wasn’t a pure prototype(she was a faux). Not much is known of her past, besides that she was the one who almost killed the MC when they were younger.

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