Time for some Kuro goodness

Yep, what does Kuro stand for?

It’s black in Japanese but for me, i see it as Kuroshitsuji(i) aka Black Butler


My fav character’s Grey and then Finny.

Grey is Charles Grey of the Double Charles. Too bad he doesn’t get much screen time T_T. He’s the sadistic queen’s creepy butler, he ‘murdered’ Sebby and then he hates Ciel. Who would do such a thing? He’s probably in his late teens to 20’s. 20+ i assume. Why does he hate Cieluuu… But he’s pretty cool~ However i still feel like kicking his ass for stomping on Meyrin’s chest(T_T), destroying Ciel’s doors twice, attacking Snake, attacking Sebby, killing Sebby(tg he’s a demon) 

Well, the nice guys don’t get any gurls huh? =.=


Watched Thor 2 yesterday…

Jane would neva die… cos gingers don’t have freaking souls. What’s more if the dark elf king didn’t get the aether from her, she’s invincible~

Loki gets to be king… he looked pretty nice when Thor visited… (yes, i’m an okita sadist)



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