So… was just wondering about the story concepts~

As you guys know, behind every story there always will be a concept/theory of how things work. Like for example in TC, the MCs have to do odd jobs which involves them going around on errands(and stuff like that) for money, Guild Points or sometimes items(not compulsory) in order to reach a common goal.


Let’s take the theory behind Naruto(itsa bit long tho)

The main setting is in the Ninja/Shinobi Universe where there are several countries and in the countries, there always is a Hidden Village, aka a Ninja Village. The story stars a certain hidden village, Konohagakure(village hidden by leaves), the Hidden ‘Leaf’ Village. The Hidden Villages typically get their name from their surroundings, take Sunagakure for its desert surroundings. The people living in these villages are typically ninjas, easily distinguished by the headbands they wear and have their respective ninja ranks. Young children are sent to the Academy(they graduate at 11, altho some do graduate younger) and have to take a test(to camouflage into a certain person)

In addition to the Academy, the ninjas who have passed the test are grouped based on their strengths into teams of 3 and are then paired with a jounin sensei. The young ninjas are known as genin and are able to take on missions which are ranked according to their difficulty. When the time comes, the sensei can nominate their team to go for the chunin exams, consisting of a test, a scavenger hunt and then a battle royal. The participants are then judged by the examiners based on their performance whether or not they can advance onto the next rank.

After some time, their senseis can nominate their chunin students to advance onto the next rank. When the chunins become jounins, they can choose to separate from their teams or take a new team of genins. Sometimes jounins can be chosen as hokage by the current hokage to take his place when he retires or dies.

In the village, there are also clans, such as the Senju, Sarutobi, Hyuga and Uchiha. Most of the clans have their own jutsu that is known by majority of their clansmen…yeah, go google for moar, that’s all.

Yep, so that’s a basic enough theory for Naruto.


Let’s say, if the TC and MT’s concepts were the same, then CheckMate’s would be something inspired by Kuro.


In the year XXY, there exist to be certain beings gifted with superhuman abilities. In the vast diversity, there is a certain class, or clan of such beings, that are almost identical to humans. The name for said beings?

EXTERMINATOR. They are neither aliens nor high-class robots, being almost impossible to corrupt. The ‘JUDGEMENT’, as they are called by the common folk, they reap the souls of those who indulge in too much sin so as to prevent the next possible Apocalypse. Humanity, is now enslave under the new creatures, the world having united under a kaiser centuries ago when war raged. The war forced a group of scientist to genetically create a new class of ‘humans’, though nothing similar to humans. The group has long passed, but the EXTERMINATOR has since evolved to be stronger and more intelligent than the first prototypes.

Yeah, i’ll be continueing this for sure, 1-2.5 hrs of writing per day.

Will be getting back to Moon Type and then Tech City. Need more Kuro to get Checkmate starting…

First chaps ROCK!!!

Lemme see…

*studies chess guide*


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