“We can never c…

“We can never change who we are. Deep inside, we are all that rotten, ugly beings living in an illusion that we create for ourselves. Isn’t it exactly the same as smoking opium? Behind every rose is a thorn, behind that beautiful mask is a ferocious beast that roars in the fawn’s place. The quest of perfection never ends, knowing well who we truly are, we seek the ultimate perfection, in the process being the same vain fools centuries ago that applied lead onto their faces even though it would slowly kill them. We honor those who are closer to perfection than we are, but when we reach their position… only when we’ve realised what we’ve sacrificed for our selfish wants. Isn’t that exactly the same as isolating ourselves in a lonely castle created by illusions? Wouldn’t that be the same as being in a lavishly decorated cage? We are all birds, flying into the stormy vastness…
The origin was nothing but a weak force, a small ember… but is also the most powerful.
Only when we are at the peak of death, then we realise that each of us are the same, the same tears, the same scars and the same fate; the same doom. Even the most powerful or the most successful man dies and rots into nothing. Throw a small rock into the ocean, it’ll only make a splash. One person is never that important. Eventually time shall heal all scars. Only then shall you regret locking up your child self on the day your age came; wearing a mask on the royale ball. Once you lose something, you’ll never get it back. You can’t take off the mask, nor can you forever conceal that flaw; that brand. Perfection doesn’t exist, it simply is a daydreamer’s illusion. “

Sol speaking to Lou and Lan in his sealed form before lashing out at Lan, explaining the primary reason he started the ‘game’ in the first place after his parent’s death prior to summoning Lucian. This was also Lou’s reply to Sol when asked by the latter why he didn’t participate in the ‘game’


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