Something new i started, Tech City. It’s the name of the city that the hero comes from. Yeah, in the same universe as Moon Type


Sypnosis: The closer you are to light, the closer you are to darkness. Three lights in our heart; the light, the light beyond the light and the hidden light. When the light falls, maybe the hidden light may guide the hero’s path…

Drake is an ordinary 12 year old boy, assigned to a job in the Green Light District of Eon under the Odd Jobs Guild along with another two, Liz and Raven by the Seer Academy. What happens when Raven and Liz disappear after Drake finds out about the three lights? Who is behind them all?

And… Let the story begin! I’m working on EXTERMINATOR now, so really… i’ll continue it SOME TIME AFTER, so it’s on Hiatus, like Moon Type


The sun shines overhead as I hear frantic thumping on my bedroom door. Oh, and my name is Drake. I’m currently studying at the Seer Academy with a few friends of mine. The summer holidays are still ongoing, so no reason for Mum to wake me up. The morning breeze swirls before me and I hold a palm up to block the sun from my eyes. A beep from halfway across the room sends me glancing in its direction. Mail, it read. The thumping has ceased now, but the sun’s rays are as glaring as always. From beyond the door, I can hear the muffled speaking of two females. ‘Aah. I see. So these are for Drake? I do allow him to go for that, but you’ll need him to agree first.’ Who’s Mum talking to? The faint shuffling of sneakers told me that it was Lizzie who was outside.  “Hey Drake! Get the lock off now! I know that it was Mrs Gepetto’s assignment for us to practice our spells during the holidays but this is way too far! Open up!” I glanced lazily at the door and sighed. She would have to try then. The whirring of air outside signaled that Liz was probably using air current to break open the lock. A slight click and the first layer fell to the ground. “What?! Mrs Gepetto only had us to do one layer locks! Drake! Open up!” She kicked away the first layer and falcon-punched the door but a purple aura immediately surrounded it. “Ouch! What was that? A rune! Drake! Open up!” ‘Well, if you hit a rune, dear, you solve it!’ Mum calmly reminded Lizzie, who calmed. It was fun, watching her try and decipher the Mecha Mecha Code behind it. “FLIP A COIN. IF HEADS, PICK THE RED GUMMI. IF TAILS, PICK THE BLUE GUMMI. What?! I don’t have half a coin with me! Drake! Open the door!” Now she was getting annoying. I got off the bed and neared the door. “Lizzie, if you wanna come in then pick the purple gummi, silly.” Liz growled before snatching the purple gummi and the door clicked open. “Yo. What’s up?” I asked, slipping my sweatshirt on without taking off my PJs. “Mrs Gepetto wanted me to pass you this, your gear. It sorta came late so yeah…” In her hands was a badge with the Senate’s emblem on it, a coin and a card. I promptly thanked her and then opened the card.

North and South. Heads and Tails. No matter which you choose, the ending will not change.

“I guess I’ll have to flip the coin then.” I took out the coin and flipped it. It did a two second somersault and landed with on tails. “Tails huh. Is this a rune or something?”

Well said. Now, North or South?

“North then. This is the entrée pass, huh? Looks fancy to me. “ I added, waving to Liz, who was walking away with her scythe swung over one shoulder.  A dark portal opened under my feet and I found myself landing on my bottom on a suspended island in the middle of nowhere. The card read:

Welcome. This is the Northern Gates. Anywhere you’d like to go?

“Northern Gates? Isn’t it in Xenda? I get it now! Mrs Gepetto mentioned something about visiting Xendan Town… Well… Take me to Xendan Town. Thank you!” The space around me started whirring and soon I landed before a pair of sleek white legs wearing sneakers. I glanced up and saw Liz glaring down with her infamous face. Someone lifted me off the ground and I turned to face my savior. “Drake? I didn’t expect Mrs Gepetto to send you over. Well, have a look around. We’ll be staying at Honeybone lodge, don’t forget that. Here’s your room pass and the Mecha Mecha UltimaCard. Use the Mecha Mecha Card to store gummis and all that, but remember, it can also be used to store cash you may find or earn. All the other passes are registered in your Handy Navy; remember to check often as we may send mail to you. You have a week to explore Xenda, report back at Honeybone Lodge next week, same time.  Good luck then!” Raven walked away and Liz waved to me before she followed Raven. I plopped to the ground immediately, wondering over what to do next. I took out my Handy Navy and checked the mail. Hey Drake, I’ll be coming over and yeah, have a nice time in Xenda. I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you… Liz. That pretty much explained everything. The sun was still gloriously high up in the sky and my stomach was growling since I had not eaten breakfast. Where was this Honeybone Lodge then? Right up in front of me, what a nice place to land. I picked myself up and opened the wooden door. Inside was a cozy lobby with a counter up front and a cardholder on the wall behind. At the counter was a man wearing a bell boy costume and all around the room was windows. A dumbwaiter awaited a few steps from the counter and lights illuminated small lobby. Nearing the counter I noticed a loveseat and a couch before a coffee table covered with tabloids. The man looked up from his cup of hot chocolate and I noticed that he was by age, some months older than I was. “You must be Drake, right? Here’s your Eon Pass, Tram Ticket and Suite key. Your Odd Jobs pass is in your suite, meals will be provided here. The name’s Alcaloid, by the way. There’s a small mess to the back, feel free to head there for brunch. The menu’s in your room and your team mates will be arriving by tea, according to the Raven boy. See ya!” Alcaloid gave a wave as he shoved a stack of documents onto the counter before leaving through a back door. “Arriving by tea huh… I guess I would’ve plenty of time to check this out… first to my room!” Upon stepping into the dumbwaiter, I was instantly greeted by



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