It’s a brand new day.

Somewhere in a small suburb, lives a few children alone, going to an ordinary school. Sometime before, religion has taken over, re-uniting nations and empires as one. Following that was the creation of the EXTERMINATOR, a special clan with no other purpose than to exterminate sin in this world. Soon after was a great massacre, leading to no progress in technology or politics. The world, suspended in time, in perfect harmony with nature. 

EXTERMINATOR, a double-edged sword. Both a death angel and an angel of peace. 

50 years earlier…

A single EXTERMINATOR roams the street, Kira, that’s his name. His ears catch muffled footsteps somewhere in the collapsing skyscraper. Nothing but pure instinct controls his actions as a scythe forms at his hand, ragged breathing as he lunges at a particular window. For a moment, his eerie green eyes meets his cowering victim. In a split second, the victim is no more, nothing but feathers fading into the tainted air. The last of the leaders have fallen. 

Blood, lust, sin, death. Their scents mingle with the ascending feathers, the sign of a soul brought forth to afterlife. It was none of his bussiness, but Kira watched as the white feathers became darker before completely fading. A loud crack whips the air, yet there is no change in the inky sky, nor the inky landscape. Soon drops of oily rain pelt down, one landing perfectly onto Kira’s outstretched palm. 

“How much do they have to destroy before they finally stop?” Kira questions as he unconsciously shapes the raindrop into a butterfly. “It’ll need more than rain to clear up this place. It’s my job, isn’t it?” He silently laughs as he wanders the ghost town once claimed the capital. “Religion? Humanity? They did a pretty nice job, clearing the war… But after that, what have they become? One cannot forever be the reverend once seated upon thrones of gold. That’s what we are here for…” He spots a simple teddy bear near the ruins of a collapsed building. “About time we clear this place.” Kira releases the butterfly he had created moments ago, a luminous light glowing around its watery form as it flapped its wings, taking everything in sight with it excluding its creator. “Good job. Time to go.” All he left behind, was nothing but forests. 





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