Moon Type Chapter 14– Dawn of New Adventures

               It was hard to imagine adventure, any at all arriving just a peaceful week’s break after the previous. We had all gotten a peaceful night’s sleep before Serge rang us up almost immediately after breakfast. Finnian was already resisting the urge to scream down the phone as soon as he picked up the receiver. He winked at me and turned the loudspeaker on.

“Hey, Finny, it’s me, Serge. “ Serge’s voice came over the phone.

“Sergio! What’s up?” Finnian was jumping around with the receiver in his hands.

“Finnian, I’m at the supermarket now. I need you and Silver over for some errands to run. Thanks!” Serge’s cheery voice came over the phone once again. He always used that tone whenever he was hiding something, so it was apparent that things were not as what they seem. Finnian dragged me out of the house, on a literal scale and there I was, being dragged out of my lawn like a sack of potatoes. By the time we reached the supermarket, Serge was already there, casually leaning on a lamp post with Nyra by his side. Once we got nearer, he waved to us; Nyra cast a quick glance at us and gave a small smile.

“You sure took your time, Silver and Finnian. There’s something I’d like you to do and this place is not a good one to chat…so, get in the car first!” He shoved us both into a black jeep, with Nyra in the seat next to the driver’s seat and both of us in the back seat. Serge got in a moment later with a paper bag in tow and drove us out of town, into the outskirts and stopped by a small gazebo beside a sprawling rain tree. He sat us down on the wooden benches in the shelter and cast a sweeping glance to check if anyone was nearby. Serge was going to say something serious.  He cleared his throat. I swear Finnian was ogling Serge now, trying to predict what the enigmatic man was going to say.  He waited a full minute before opening his mouth to speak.

“As you all know, Nyra’s father, Zephyr, is the current owner of the Wind Chime estate. We are going to head there for a bit to visit a special somebody that will be great help to our investigation of the ‘Soul Fragment’. While you two have been recuperating, we have been researching the Soul Fragment, such as Silver’s pendant and Finnian’s shard. Silver’s pendant is actually a locket that can be opened with a special key to be stored in a special case, currently in the hands of our special someone and with his help, we might be able to find the third fragment in the third dimension. After finding the third fragment, we must search for a special place for the special ceremony to begin. One clue is this: the place is somewhere in the estate, so I will stay and conduct research and investigation on it while you three and the special person go ahead to search for the third fragment. Is that clear?”  I nodded. The third dimension had to be the dragon’s place. The first dimension was the Lab, the second dimension the Spore Forest. The third dimension had to be where the dragons where. Seek the dragons, Buzzy had once mentioned. But who exactly was the special person?

“Oh, and the special person is Sird.” Sird, huh.

“We’ll be meeting her in Windchime estate, so let’s hurry up.” Serge ushered us back into the car and we sped through different sceneries: lush forests, maple groves, lakefronts and a small town. We stopped at the small town. It wasn’t exactly a town, though. It was more like a clearing in the middle of a forest, with a few wooden huts and cabins here and there. There was also a small attap hut at the far end of the area, which I assumed was the storeroom. The small town reminded me of Jamestown, with its architecture and location.  Serge entered one of the cabins and came out with a small GPS in hand as well as a hardcopy of a map.

“Let’s get going, guys.” My eyebrow must’ve been raised so high that Serge actually sighed once he started driving.

“This is actually the entrance to the Windchime estate, if you didn’t know. Clever disguise, huh?” I nodded faintly, proceeding to admire the scenery like the others. It was really beautiful and quite big too, just like what Prof Herman had said. Maple trees lined the driveway leading to entrance just a few feet away, a few bends from the town’s exit. The entrance was actually a wrought iron gate, opening almost without a creak the moment Serge scanned the GPS in front of a sensor. The inside was lined with even more maples that looked like flickering flames from afar. A sudden jump caused something to fall out of my coat pocket. I bent over to examine it. It resembled a zippo lighter but this one was light purple. It was Seraphim’s memory lighter. I smiled a little, remembering her purple eyes and hazel-brown hair that cascaded down like waterfalls down her shoulders and stopped at the mid-thigh. A separate braided tress would be tucked over one ear and I could still remember the echoes of her voice. Her true voice. It never failed to calm me. I tucked the lighter back into my pocket, smiling from the depths of my heart. I would never forget how I felt when the seal failed to launch and Finnian was thrown off the bug’s back. I was kneeling down by his side, tears running down my cheeks, overflowing my tear troughs and memories of him with me came reeling in my mind, like a cartoon playing, over and over again. The sense of desperation was simply too great. I felt like a lost child, wandering in a dark maze, suddenly handed a light but right at that moment, the light flickered out. I could feel darkness overwhelming me, devouring my form. That was the one moment I noticed how small I was, how big the world was. How simply cowardly I was, how un-wise I was, exactly the opposite of everything I was. I was… human. I had felt human with that light around me, instead of being driven by ambitions or emotions. No… I had gotten lost once. I don’t want to get overwhelmed by darkness again. I don’t want to become a demon and harm the ones I love. I don’t want to lose that light. I don’t want to lose Finnian. No… I snapped back into reality. Instead of losing my light, I had found ones like me. I would probably never forgive myself if I were to ever lose my light. I understood them. That was probably why I was able to mind-link with them. We were almost the same, if not completely the same if one disregarded appearances and personality. I had found a family in them, just like Garfield, Temma and Kan with Granny Chive. We had lost someone close to us. We understood the pain. I knew that there were others too, Prof Herman, Zephyr, Seraphim and even Sird. I understood everything that they felt. I was there before. I knew. Just the way they felt. They knew me probably more than I knew myself. Family… I wished that there was one for Finnian, one for the triplets. But another adventure was coming and true to form, I was getting excited. I couldn’t resist the thought of gripping my coin tightly in my hands. What might be waiting for us…I wonder.

After a few hours of getting lost, Nyra took over and in five minutes we got to a small cottage decorated with daisies and edelweiss. We got out, stretched before knocking on the door. Nyra was beaming even more, smiling loads broader and Finnian was back to his usual self. It took me a moment to recognize who answered the door though. Seraphim had her wavy blonde hair tied up in a waterfall braid and her fringe swept aside to frame her face. The last time I looked, her hair was hazel brown, which must’ve been the effects of the brainwashing. She led us into the cottage and almost immediately I was amazed by the variety of whites and pink in the room. Sird was smiling as she walked out from the kitchen, a plate with a few glasses on hand.

“Let me guess, you are here for the box? Here, take a seat and I’ll start with the explanation.” She gestured towards the sofa and handed us a glass of cold water.

“As you know, there are 3 Soul Fragments and 3 special memory lighters, right? All the memory lighters have been collected, one from Zephyr, one from Prof Herman and the last one from Prof William through Finnian. Serge will be safekeeping them while we explore the 3rd dimension, the world of dragons. The Soul Fragments, however, are to be stored in a special box to be brought to a special room in this estate. They are actually lookalikes of 3 gemstones, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. You have obtained two, haven’t you? Here is the key to unlock Silver’s pendant. The Soul Fragment can come in many forms, but one thing is sure, it can only be obtained at one certain place and it is the color corresponding to one of the said gemstones. Here is the proper case.” She handed us a box. Finnian unbolted it and stared at the box quizzically.

“What… is this for?” He showed me a small area where certain areas had been outlined to fit pieces of some puzzle, perhaps.

“I’ll have to tell you two pieces of news. One good. One bad.” We nodded.

“The bad news is, you’ll have to find the pieces of mosaic tiles to unlock the puzzle box. The good news is, the third Soul Fragment can be found in the puzzle box. Another piece of neutral news is that you can store the Soul Fragments in here. However, once you have unlocked the puzzle box, you’ll have to unlock a combination puzzle lock based on seven pictograms.” We nodded even solemnly.

“The pieces are scattered all around in Dragon Kingdom. I heard that the combination puzzle lock would be in the shape of a pocket watch music box, so once you have successfully unlocked the lock, a tune will play. There are a total of seven pieces in all and besides unlocking the second layer of this box containing the Soul Fragment, a clue on the special area to gather all the items will be given. I wish you good luck, but there is no need for that as I will be coming with you.” Finnian was eyeing the box curiously, trying to perhaps some other treasure hidden inside this enigmatic item.

“Oh and here’s a map to the Dragon Kingdom. We’ll set out tomorrow, so have a good night’s rest here.” The sun was already setting outside, so I wondered how long we had been driving. Hours probably. Finnian got off the sofa and stretched again before running out into the back garden and jumping onto the monkey bars. Then he climbed onto a tree swing that was held to place by tree branches and started to swing, casting a defined shadow onto the garden full of salmon-pink daisies. I looked down at the puzzle box and running my fingers over the handcrafted patterns in the wood. Beautiful. What secrets could it hold?

Dinner was quick and sooner than I expected, we were tucked into bed. The bedroom had three beds, a hearth, a modern toilet and a casement window overlooking the estate. The box sat on the bedside table, accompanying a lamp. It was really a wonderful experience, listening to the song of the night in the countryside; the crickets’ chirping and an occasional hoot from an owl. Not long after I fell asleep, in midst of the wonderful ambience. Dreams of dragons visited me one after another and very soon, morning came. I was chilled awake by the morning dew on my nose, since I had chosen the bed by the window just as the sun was rising. It was beautiful, seeing the sunrise from a countryside window overlooking a maple forests and a few buildings visible only over the horizon.  A glint over the horizon indicated there was a lake or pond somewhere a few minutes of car ride away. It would indeed be fun exploring this area and I wondered how growing up here would be like; surrounded by trees and large gardens. A knock on the door brought forth breakfast, timed accurately just as I had finished with my morning chores. Sird brought in three glasses, a carton of milk and a box of biscuits with buttered toast. She set the crockery down onto the bedside table and took out a low table that could be placed on the bed to allow a person to enjoy meals in bed. She set the table and then the crockery onto the centermost bed before sitting onto my bed after she had made it.

“What’s for breakfast?” Finnian asked the moment he smelled the toast.

“Toast and milk with biscuits. Nothing much.” Sird replied, going over to nudge Nyra lightly.

“Did anything happen?” That was the first thing that Nyra said before the scent of breakfast drifted to her nostrils.

“Oh, breakfast.” Sird nodded before beckoning Nyra to join us. I grabbed a piece of toast and drank the milk, cherishing the thick and creamy texture as it ran over my taste buds that practically were in dairy heaven at that moment. The butter was not very salty, but the breakfast felt different. There was a sense of warmth, crowding around a low table in a bed grabbing for food like children instead of sitting at a table with noisy triplets. It was simple but I felt exceptionally full after the meal, even though I only ate bird servings as compared to what Finnian had devoured.  Sird promptly cleared out and we exited the room with ample stomach space for an extra glass of lemonade. After she had arranged the necessary preparations, Sird led us to a room where a PC was and told us to get our gear ready. We cycled to a nearby pavilion built on a separate island of a miniature classical western garden hidden by thick maple groves. We entered the pavilion and Sird gestured for us to sit. Pictures and carvings of dragons decorated the walls of the pavilion, with a bell in the middle of it, right above where we sat. Sird closed all of the windows and struck the bell.

“Take us to the Dragon Kingdom, please!” She requested the moving passage of air, just like the passageway. The wind roared to life once again and almost immediately, we landed in an unfamiliar terrain. Buildings were nowhere to be seen, so it was great help that we had our bikes along. Consciously I recalled Kerstrair’s words. I put my two fingers to my lips and whistled. The whistle echoed around the walls of the cave and the flapping of wings was soon heard.

“Nice to meet you, Sird and Silver! Can we take you anywhere?” Kerstrair appeared, together with Kerstran as she hovered mid-air. I looked absentmindedly at the map.

“Have you heard of the Soul Fragment? We’re supposed to find the mosaic pieces to unlock the third one…” I had barely finished my sentence when Kerstriar did a somersault in the air and started grinning.

“The third? Are you sure? Wow, I’ve heard of the mosaic pieces that can be found in Treasure Cove. But you’ll have to gather the dragon pieces first, the Dragon scale, dragon claw, dragon tooth and the dragon’s fire. There are four great Dragon countries in Dragon Kingdom, each specializing in one of the four elements: Fire, Ice, Ground and Poison. The Dragon tooth can be found in Ice country, the dragon claw in Poison country, dragon scale in Ground country and dragon’s fire in Fire country. Specifically they are found in the Glacier of jagged teeth, Cove of deadly poisons, Pillar of Scales and Dragon Breath Volcano. Permission to enter must be granted by the Royal Dragon family in that country, Queen Frost, Queen Miasma, Queen Gaia and Queen Magma. We’re actually Destiny Dragons, meaning that we are mostly rogueing and can expertly use any of the dragon elements. The countries can hire us at any time, though our tribe is purer than any of the other tribes.” Finnian was scratching behind Kestran’s ears, making him purr like a giant cat.

“Rogue? I don’t get it… Are there other rogue tribes?” Kerstriar thought for a moment before replying.


         “There are. My tribe is a tribe too pure to have our own element, since we master all the others and have an element that can be awakened. Twin dragons are rare, you know. A dragon of mixed heritage are considered rogue, such as a dragon whose parents are from different tribes. A country usually has a main tribe and then a few minor tribes as well as one or two rogue tribes. However, mine belongs to no country. Take the Ground Country, for instance. The main tribe is the Earth tribe, followed by the minor tribes Wood and Mineral. The rogue tribes are the Marble tribe and crystal tribe. The other countries have lesser varieties, though. Each country’s dragons fight differently and have different fighting and hunting styles. The Ground Dragons are built like tanks, hardier than others, capable of dishing out large amounts of damage as well as taking many hits. However, they are not really hostile, thus making good allies. Furthermore, they tend to be more sympathetic than the other tribes, having a vast community. The Fire Dragons are lean built, being able to fly at fast speeds but are easily defeated as they are not as hardy, but they are immune to any forms of fire attacks or melting lava. The Fire Country has no rogue tribes. The Ice Dragons are built for element, having almost their entire body formed from ice and chilling the places they go to. They can survive for long periods of time in almost any condition except when they come in contact with fire. When in contact with fire, their scales will melt away faster than ever, at a rate that makes it almost impossible to regenerate new scales. The Poison Dragons are built for stealth, having poison that is strong enough to melt even the hardest metal. The poison dragon are more balanced than any other tribes, making them one of the two great tribes, the next being the Earth tribe. There are no minor tribes in Poison Country but there are large numbers of rogue dragons, though not a single rogue tribe.” Kerstriar’s eyes grew solemn when she mentioned the Poison tribe.

            “Actually, the Poison tribe is nothing but a collection of Rogue tribes, forming a tribe that is perfect, including the Destiny tribe. The Destiny tribe is the ruler of the Poison tribe. It’s not what other dragons think about the Poison tribe; not being pure, using dark elements and all that stuff. A destiny dragon founded the Poison tribe, actually. My mother, Queen Miasma. We have another sibling, Kerstra, the oldest of us triplets. Rumors say that he is setting up a rebellion against the Dragon Countries.” I nodded solemnly. I could feel the lingering sadness from both of them.

“Let’s go and visit the countries now. Starting from the nearest, the Ground Country!” We clambered aboard either one of the dragons and Kerstriar took off with the three of us on her back. Bright sunlight ambushed us almost immediately when we emerged from the cave. A sprawling forest greeted us, as well as the sight of strong-built dragons with earth tone scales, some with crystal scales and a few with warm orange tones and white tones. Kerstran greeted a few of them and they waved back in a friendly manner, some giving way when they noticed us. Kerstriar smiled to a few and sped up, flying over jagged cliffs and mountains, all covered with an endless lush green carpet. She flapped her wings with almost no effort, diving to the roots of a giant tree towering over the forest. Finnian gripped me even harder that moment as I held on even tighter to Kerstriar.

“The tree of life. The Ground Country’s palace. Come in. Queen Gaia knows that we are here.” She nodded reassuringly and I nuzzled the giant snout belonging to the dragon at least 5 times my height. I walked in, Nyra, Finnian and Sird following me. I felt that I was taking a big gamble. I wanted to go in alone. I don’t want to lose them because of me. Just for my sake. I don’t want them to put their lives on the line for my sake. Because I was weak. Because I didn’t make the right choice. My footsteps echoed onto the ground and I stopped, waiting for them to catch up. I won’t want that to happen. I would put my life on the line for them, too. I want to protect them, instead of them always protecting me. Just once. Just one time. I walked beside Finnian. He turned to me and smiled. That moment I saw a younger me. A red-haired boy who would never brood but would smile for anyone. How did I become like this? I didn’t know… I smiled back. A little warmth slipped into my heart, lightly thawing the ice that had built up all these years. A boy with a warm smile on his face and frozen tears lay within the ice coffin. A similar boy slouched out of the ice, both eyes closed, just a mere shadow of the frozen boy. The boy was me. I snapped out of my trance when Finnian nudged. I could see the life in his teal eyes. I smiled a little and headed for the throne room. The palace looked as if it was built in a hollowed out tree. A magnificent Ground dragon sat on the throne itself, wings outstretched and power as well as authority seemed to radiate from her head to her tail. Her scales glimmered like a prism in the sunlight that filtered through the window that closely resembled a hole.

“Welcome, human. What do you seek?” She asked, her voice booming across the room, though I could tell it was warm and caring but stern and strict at the same time.

“I would like to seek permission to get the Dragon scale from the Pillar of Scales to unlock the third Soul Fragment.” I was tense for a moment when I thought that she would disagree. But I was wrong when I saw her expression soften.

“Permission is granted. I wish you good luck on your journey. Do you need help to get there?” She was smiling now.

“Thank you.” I couldn’t help but answer. She nodded before we walked out of the room. Kerstriar waited outside, while Kerstran was hovering mid-air, doing somersaults.

“How did it go?” Kerstran asked as we clambered aboard their broad backs.

“We can go now.” Kerstriar nodded her mind clearly on something.

“The Pillar of Scales is an area of ruins north of the palace, west to the border of Fire Country. Shall we head there afterwards?” Kerstriar mentioned as she flew past the Palace. I quickly spotted the ruins not far ahead, quite apparent with its jagged granite walls that were burnt towering above the lush groves that had chosen to grow. Kerstriar did a drastic nose dive and I could feel that there were words that she would only like me to hear. I placed my hands onto her scales and leaned closer as the wind whipped past us. Kerstra has mastered the secret art of petrification, beware. This can be only mastered by certain Destiny Dragons with the special bloodline. I nodded. Her expression softened almost immediately. We landed swiftly before the ruins and got off the dragon’s backs.

“We’re here. The Pillar of Scales is up ahead, but we’ll be coming with you just in case.” Kerstran nodded as they followed us a distance away.

“Is something troubling them?” Nyra asked.

“Kerstra, the oldest of the triplets, is rumored to be setting up a rebellion against Dragon Kingdom. There’s been a period of unrest here. He is the strongest of the trio, having mastered the secret art of petrification. He also has awakened his bloodline, something that all Destiny dragons inherit, enabling him to be stronger than an average dragon and in some cases, making him invincible as well as giving him extraordinary powers.” Sird replied, her eyes deep with worry.

“Isn’t that sad for Kerstriar and Kerstran? What are they going to do?” Finnian asked, his voice cracking a little.

“The Countries already know of that, so it is up to them to decide.” Sird replied, her voice quavering a little. I could already see the rift between the triplets, a large fissure. Nyra bit her lip, words unspoken troubling her.

“We should get the bike.” I suggested, much to Nyra’s relieve.

“Why shouldn’t we?” Finnian thought out aloud, hopping onto his bike almost immediately. Turned out that riding on bike was even faster than travelling on foot, which was a great relief to our legs.

“Phew! We’re finally here…” Finnian sighed as he hopped off the bike, plopping down onto a nearby rock among the rubble. The two dragons flew up a few moments later, pleasantly surprised.

“You sure have funny things, you know.” Kerstriar smiled, gesturing to our bike.

“It looks so thin that it could break, don’t you think?” Kerstran added, eyeing the bike.

“It’s time we head for the pillar. It’s just steps away, mind you.” Kerstriar reminded. We headed for the large pillar covered with Dragon scales.

“They say that once a very bloody battle was fought here at this spot, the Ground Dragons against the extinct Lava Dragons. A Ground Dragon fought courageously against the enemy, even though they were already outnumbered and overpowered. It was said that the brave dragon, slayed the very last enemy at this very pillar, though he was also slain as well. After his death, dragon scales were found mysteriously on this pillar and no matter how many were taken away, new ones would always appear to replace the taken or destroyed ones. To this day, dragons would come to visit the pillar to get a scale as a good luck charm or for other purposes. However, permission from the Queen is a must. The ruins used to be part of the Ground Country’s dining hall, until that very battle that led to its destruction due to the immense heat given off by the Lava Dragons. The tribe soon became extinct after the battle, where about four-fifths of its population died.” Kerstriar told us. I stared at the ruins, the rubble, the burnt areas as well as the parts that had eroded over time. I noticed one thing; the plants growing at the bottom became shorter and shorter as it reached the slope the ruins were located. It was a tree line. The heat from the Lava dragons must’ve caused the tree line to occur; otherwise the ruins would have been overgrown with plant life by now. It served as a silent reminder to the Ground Dragons, a scar that was forever etched in their history. It would be what shaped what the Ground Country was today. Experiences shape what we are and without certain events or people, we would not be standing at where we are today. I look at Kerstriar, silently asking for permission. She nods. I take a few steps forward and peeled off a scale. I headed back and placed it in the box, watching it glimmer in the sunlight.

“Lava Dragons are actually a minor tribe, considered rogue though. The first lava dragon came to be when a Ground Dragon fell in love with a Fire Dragon.” Kerstran added, closing his eyes to pray silent respects for the deceased.

“It’s time we go, huh?” Kerstriar added, her voice slightly quavering. We nodded, climbing onto the broad backs of the two dragons. Kerstriar took off, gently flapping her wings in an upwards spiral before flying across the border, clearly marked by the presence of reddish-land and the way the green carpet stopped, marking a straight margin.

“We’re in Fire Country now. The Fire Palace is straight ahead, on the island surrounded by the geysers over there. Fire dragons get fidgety when not in contact with any forms of heat, so heat is always needed for Fire Dragons to be at their best. Careful though, you might get scalded or burnt while walking, so try not to fall or trip. The ground itself is so hot that plants cannot grow well and geysers are a common sight, so it’s only natural that the only water source comes from underground. The oxygen level in the air is much lesser and there are ash particles in the air, such as from frequent volcano eruptions as well as from the bad air quality due to frequent volcanic activity. The Dragon’s fire actually comes in the form of a special rock that burns when in contact with air but does not cause any damage, like a will o’ wisp. The rock can only be found in the crater of Dragon Breath Volcano. Dragon Breath Volcano is the first volcano to ever be formed in the entire Dragon Kingdom.” Kerstriar commented as she neared the Fire Palace. Once she reached the place, she landed warily and lets us get off before flying back into the air once again. 

               The moment my boots touched the ground, a jolt made its way to my brain, just like when you touch a boiling kettle. A few seconds later, my feet got used to the heat and I step into the palace, amazed by the way the stone had weathered to form the windows as well as the passageways. Burning coals in weathered stone holders lit up the passageway. It was like being in a cave as the palace had no doors, which was logical, since wood would’ve been burnt in a matter of seconds. Living in a place where volcanic eruptions were frequent, it was no wonder that the Fire Dragons were excellent smiths, having metals from volcanic rocks in abundance.  As I neared the throne room, the heat was getting more and more intense by each step. I stopped just by the entrance of the throne room. I took a deep breath and stepped inside. A large dragon with red scales that glimmered in the sunlight sat on a throne of wrought iron surrounded by a moat of magma acknowledged my presence the moment I stepped in. I could almost feel the heat from her body though we were a large distance away.

“Welcome, human, to the Fire Country. I am Queen Magma. What do you seek?” She asked her voice that power and authority boomed across the large room, slightly raspy.

“We seek permission to obtain the Dragon’s Fire from the Dragon Breath Volcano to unlock the third Soul Fragment.” I spoke, making sure that my voice was firm.

“I honor your achievements. Very well, I shall not hinder you in your efforts. Permission is granted.” She replied, her eyes reflecting hints of withheld respect for the mere travelers before her. She was a rightful queen indeed, deserving of the throne.  I bowed before exiting the throne room. Afterwards we literally dashed to the entrance to escape from the overwhelming heat. Kerstriar and Kerstran were outside waiting and flew us to the volcano almost immediately.  

“That was hot. I thought I’d get boiled inside for sure.” Finnian sighed, wiping his brow and fanning himself.

“Did you see that? The entire room was like a few saunas combined. I was really sweating like mad just now, thank goodness she did not talk for too long!” Nyra remarked, trying to cool down. Indeed, our shirts were wet to the extent that it was almost transparent. Sird was fanning herself too, taking deep breaths.

“Next time I come here I better bring a mask. Who knows how bad the air quality here is!”

“The Dragon Breath Volcano right up ahead! I’ll do a quick dive to get to the crater as fast as possible. Mind you, it really is hot in there.” Kerstriar had her eyes focused on the turquoise pool in the middle of the volcano. A moment later we were hanging on for our dear lives, right as Kerstriar fished the Dragon’s Fire out from the depth of the crater. Almost immediately after she had accomplished her tast, Kerstriar shot straight back into the air about five times faster than I ever experienced.

“That was close…” Finnian sighed once again.

“The water should be hot enough to melt even the hardest alloy! Good thing we didn’t take a dive in there…” Nyra gasped as she fanned herself even quickly.

“I’m glad the Dragon’s Fire was not in so deep, or else you would have to endure the water temperature for a while. I told you that they are immune to any form of fire attacks so a dip in lava would’ve been like you dipping into a warm natural spring.” Kerstran added, flying even faster than before.

“Afterwards is the Ice Country, so be thankful for the heat from earlier on!” Kerstriar yelled over the wind as she too, sped up. 

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________Note: I’ll try to re-write it sometime after…


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