Club Penguin Snow/ Card-jitsu Snow.

Let’s get this clear. I’ve played Club Penguin for over a year now. Just today i got my 365 day stamp.(Yippie!)

I have not much feeling to that game, except that its nice.  Nice. Not sickly sweet, sourish or bitter. It’s neither. It’s a kid’s game, a game i don’t want to spoil by hacking or cheating, no matter how tempting it is. 

Just today i myself did a rather simple act of kindness. You see, they were re-releasing a gift card that gave players a free item. Pretty much that and as a kid, i really wanted it. So what could i do? Send the cards to a few on my friend list and hope they send back? Maybe. There i was, going to the CJ Snow’s hideout till i met another player. I sent him/her the gift card and said to him. “Can you send one to me too?” And he was like “Thanks, can we be friends?” After that i sent the same gift cards to whoever who visited the place, made 2 friends so far.


Here’s to you guys who think humanity has failed.

I don’t want to really say anything, nor do i want to prove anything, this is just a rant to myself and a few imaginary friends who have ‘yet’ to exist. 

If you, or maybe someone would invent a machine that allows us to examine the spiritual part of the ‘human heart’, then, you’ll start to realize, we’re all about the same. Each of us is the same, its just one bit o’ our genes that make us different. Our life story? About the same, built just like a video game. There are about millions of us, each of us the same, the same. Personality and flaws? We’re all the same selfish, pampered, self-centered, greedy, hot-headed, sadistic, masochistic brats inside. That’s right, we do have our moments. Why don’t you sit beside someone and talk to them about your problems? Maybe then you’ll realise… we’re all the same, having the same troubles, same tears. We’re all the same introvert, the same idiot, the same person that never gets accepted. Whatdya say ’bout black sheep?<-Idiom black sheep in the family. If thats the case, aren’t we all black sheep? Yeah, black wool rocks anyway!!!:-)

So, for those of you guys feelin’ down now, yeah, we’re all the same, therefore maybe…

Instead of being an S-Hole or a britch, maybe… you could sit down and talk to someone… or do something you like. Read some tragic love story thats waaayyy too sappy or cheesy or just slump under bed all comfy while thinking about the past(your friends, your family, etc) and just cry, cry it out. In a sense… maybe its like in a sauna, where you sweat everything out. It works for me… sooo… maybe it’ll work for you, no guarantee.

Even the strongest will fall one day, the ice cold heart is destined to melt after time. We’re all the same, hoping for a spider’s thread to reach down from the heavens to the hellhole we are in, and maybe hopefully climb out…

Happiness comes to the one who is always happy, and the one that thinks he has enough shall always have enough. If your hunger for more gets more of you, you might starve from the same hunger though food is set before you. 


Now i have to get my lazy bum off to excersize, so much for being the preacher


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