My Christmas memories

Yes, i’ll have to admit once more, its another of those rants on Club Penguin.

To be perfectly honest, i joined last year, a few days short of the previous party, Operation: Blackout. Moreover, i had spent my first christmas in club penguin, engulfed in all the advent fun. Those were the days. That was last year. It feels odd doesn’t it?

This year, as i walked around the mall, the christmas music was no longer heard. The nostalgic thought of christmas brings a sweet warm feeling in me, almost like drinking hot coca on a winter’s day, watching snow flakes fall outside through the window by the lamp’s light…. Yes, that feeling i always imagine, the one that exists only in daydreams and christmas cartoons since it never snows in where i live.


The journey of life is unique, even if we are doomed to make the same mistakes and are chained to the same fate, but… i’m a 21st century kiddo, so one day, i’ll look back with nostalgia at my memories…

Them happy christmasses i spent… some with my family, some with my church and some online…


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