“Judgement, wake up!” It was in the holidays, so all the grey haired girl did was to snuggle further under the cream comforters. Melodi sighed momentarily, nudging her friend once again before deciding that she would have to sleep in once again. Familiar footsteps on the wooden floors signal the arrival of its sleepy owner long before he actually comes in sight. A sloppy youth with untidy bed-hair. “Sky! You’re awake! I was trying to wake Judgement up just now… ” Amusement flickers in Sky’s eyes as he catches the form of said person. “Well, she’s awake now, Melodi. Who’s doing breakfast today?” Sky grins as Melodi points to Judgement. “That would’ve explained everything, so you’re hungry since you’re up all early, Melodi. Judgement’s a light sleeper while i’m a deep sleeper. That leaves you, the freak who can empty the larder in one go. Oh, i hear ye stomach growling, Missy.” Judgement took a wary glance at her squabling friends before proceeding to make breakfast for the eager Melodi. True, school was over, but there were still things they had to worry about. Sitting on the kitchen table was a stack of letters, addressed to each of them. In a mere few minutes, breakfast had been prepared, though only consisting of toast, milk and jam. But it was already enough for her. A few muffins for the duo with a complimentary rasher of bacon for Melodi and breakfast would be complete for the three. When all was set, they all sat together and tucked in, with Sky’s stomach growling at the sight.

“What’s those letters for?” Melodi said while devouring her toast at incredulous speed.

“I was going through them last night. Apparently, we are invited to some sort of training camp like the ones we attended over the years. But this time, it’ll be a lot tougher since it involves us fighting. However, there’s a chance that we’ll be separated into special squads to be trained according to our strengths after a battle royal where we have to use every skill we have,”



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