How to accept the end…

Maybe something you’d like to think about…

Neo Gallerian


It’s difficult to accept the end of something, letting go. Stock market, Banks and money, have run it´s course, and now the world needs new influences.

People of the world might feel the need for less turbulence and more of a sustainable future.Something new, not old and borrowed.

If you give ha rich person 100 $ he or she will save it in a bank, to earn interest,  if you give a person from the middle class the same amount, 100 $ he or she will spend it, in a consumer way, buying a shirt or food, or even a beer. In this way the consumer market stimulates. But today there are, 85 people in the world that owns the world, and they don’t spend money, they just save it. So, the consumer market is dying.

We don’t need pyramid games to make…

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