EXTERMINATOR Prologue chapter sneakpeak

Dear Reader,

If I had the time, the mood and the patience(and probably darned good luck), my writing style would’ve been somewhat similar. I’m trying out a new style similar to creepypastas(short stories on the internet that can creep the living hell outta you even though they’re mostly boring and you’re paranoid, says the cynical bunny). I do think that my latest school compo ended up like that, the most prominent feeling you’ll get after reading this will be sorry for the heavy chunk of fat you are(maybe, says the cynical bunny as he shoves choco down yer mouth). I really hope that you’ll enjoy reading my compo(the compo test) and my future ones, maybe approve of this style(it’s not that good). Thank you, Wen. Please be noted, the cynical bunny is simply joking and this is for you to enjoy reading, not waste ten minutes of your life reading this.



I probably don’t remember much of my past, save for the very fact that I am not human. Un-human in terms of sense, strength, power and adaptability but possessing humane heart, bound to humane emotions; accursed to live a life alone, lusting for human company. But a life like such is not suit for those of my kind, exterminators. A bold name to call them, but they are nothing but ferocious beasts on leash, puppets for mastermind.

The exterminators were superhuman android bots with high intellect built decades earlier for military purposes. The earliest prototypes were only made possible through the sacrifice of hearts. The purity, strength, smoothness, sharpness, strife and many more determined the result produced. The heart, the main material, would be fused with a genetic code and sometimes a memory tape. Other times the genetic code would be sealed within human, resulting mecha-style robots.  The root formula was a genetic code that could be altered in almost anyway which constructed the body. The mecha-bots were mostly known as the Odd Dolls when out of their robot suits.  These were just part of the products built by the same team. Exterminators were the first yet the least experimented with, due to the fact that we were perfection in every way.

But sometimes the quest for perfection may have undesired results.

I was born to be one of the elite, a group dominating the entire kind.  I was one of the successful prototypes. The other seven were reputedly results of aggressive heart experimentation. The deadly 7, as they were nick-named were those who specialized in each of their expertise. The prototypes are the only ones with the more than one special ability unique to us, the only ones able to manipulate our hearts and the only ones called the Heart Warriors. Most importantly, the only ones with true emotions and feelings.

Your strongest weapon may be a double-edged sword.

I was accursed to lead a solitary life; the only of my kind I beforehand thought had existed was the other ‘me’, who I could hear all the time. All I knew that the person was entirely different from who I am. Every night I dream of the same dream. First a figure appears, speaking something that I can’t hear or lip-read. Then I witness the very same person kneeling in the center of some circle while crying while yelling something. At the same time, my curse was also blessing.

Humans are creatures, like all, creatures born from fear. They fear the loneliness, they fear the darkness that engulfs them all, they fear who they truly are. They fear the harsh cold truth, striking them like Arctic wind. So they hang on endearingly to the values that bound them together. As such, a society, like a galaxy, is created; from inside out.  They fear the monsters that live within themselves. The hell that exists within their heads.

How naïve, the thought is.

Hollow laughter fills my throat whenever I think of them as such. My kind, were created from fear, the fear of disorder from within. We were made to be angels of bringing law; incorruptible officials. Blood stains our hands almost every day. Squads and chaws and units are sent each day to clear masses from previous wars. It is almost similar to having someone scrub your back. Little by little, humanity is salvaged from the black hole of the War. Small pockets of human civilization thrive in towns and cities scattered all around, the previous

How naïve, I am. What am I, to have shunned the light, to have neglected how similar we are? My kind, we are blessed with the ability to see ghosts, to see souls and to see the dreams, the aspirations that humans have; we can see things they have, the things we lack. They come in the form of small paper birds, slips of paper, rain or even snow. It depends on person.

Each day we roam the polluted landscape contaminated by the deeds of mankind. The war had indeed been gruesome, split into several stages.  TBC


Not sure if i’ve uploaded this before but yeah… hope you enjoyed. This is, of course, not Judgement’s perspective but another important character(her sensei, Kira’s) point of view. A little spoiler though, Kira is the person who trained her after her team(her, Sky and Melodi/Mero) emerged triumph in the Entrance Exams. He was also the person who perfected her Soul Lattice and taught her how to lock karma(karma lock) and how to twist karma/ change fate(karma twist/ soul lattice, it depends)

Yours sincerely, Wen.

I really hope that you did enjoy the game in my previous post.


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