Is it cus of the music or is OP really that awesome?



That’s me and my younger sis/ my dad and me

Awesome comics here~

I was reading chap 68 of OP today while playing  The Fay’s How to save a life. I cried. Really, like a lot. i don’t think Kuroshitsuji or knb has made me cry, but i remember that Fairy Tail did…. maybe Naruto did too…

Anyways, here’s the reason i like certain anime.

I like Kuroshitsuji because of the art. It’s beautiful. And the other members of the household. I wanna see some moar epic-ness of Meyrin, Finnian and Bard, Yana-san! Maybe Charles Grey…

I like Naruto because… wweeellll, its popular, huehuehue then there’s Itachi and how it gets my creativity juices flowing.

I like Kuroko No Basket because of the characters. Especially Kuroko. I think personally i’m Kuroko but whenever someone gets on my nerves, i become Akashi. Maybe i’m Akashi with no presence whatsover(that’s kuroko, you bastard!)

I like Fairy Tail maybe the same reason as i like OP. See below, folks.

I’m starting to like One Piece is because of its epicness. I like it because of the Nakama. I love it because the way it makes you cry and face-palm at the same time. I’m sure people have seen a Luffy around them, since there are people around you that are always so reckless, but they mean well since they’re good peeps. I love the way they just partay~ without a care of the consequences. It’s fun, fun, fun, fun and did i mention fun? It is fun, epicness, feels and pure awesomeness combined into one never-ending manga.


I just read LSM’s first chap. Woah, some OP shit going in there. With my awesome writing style, peeps.


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