This year i’ve got a BIG exam comin’ up n’ this week is like… my last week of hols. And here i am blogging. *brushes shoulder*

Still… yeah. I’ve got resolutions, that’s stuff i wanna do with my life. The stuff i want to do with this time i still am breathing.

Things to do before i…

hit 40:

Get a house

Get married

Get a kid<-maybe?

hit 30:

Get married

Get a kid <- maybe?

Get a house

hit 25:

Get a job

Dated someone

Go to university

hit 20:

Dated someone

Get my own computer

Learn how to cook

Publish my own book, finish my Moon Type franchise (this capricorn’s got dreams, y’all!)

hit 15:

get my Moon Type franchise published somewhere. Like i mean, seriously, somewhere. (If nothing happens ’till then, imma be a lawyer instead. Or maybe a doctor)

Something i experience everyday.

I'm a Kiddo that has dreams

Awesome and i know it.



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