I hope to one day be able to find friends like this…

Kuroko no Basket

Okay i admit it, i’m a loner.

Maybe then when i find them, i’ll be one of them.

Kuroko No Basket

Honestly, i don’t know who i am. Sometimes i feel like Kuroko, but in the presence of  a special person(a light maybe), i become Akashi.

Me about Akashi

Then again, it feels like the 2 sides of ME communicating together to become uniquely me.

Me about myself

But still, maybe i’ve found them. So now its time to say goodbye.

Yet… i learnt how to cry, how to laugh, how to smile. How to work hard and a lot more others.

But i haven’t learnt how to say goodbye and let go.

Someday maybe i will.

Maybe i won’t.

I never will, never might.

It’s super-duper early, but here’s to all…

of you teachers, people who guide others…

Thank you.

^Was that a troll. Yes.

I wish to find friends like the kiseki no sedai. Maybe i already have…


Shiet to do after my exams

Here i am today, temporarily ignoring mah homework

As the title says, here’s the list of crab/shiet i am going to do after 64 days.

1. Exercise

2. Writing

3. Pokemon games

4. Ipad games/TV

5. Blogging<-sorry

6. Cooking

7. Programming/Using GIMP <-i wanna draw Moon Type out meself~

8. Whatever crab comes along.


Ochayuu Series Kuroko no Basuke Kiseki no Breaktime

Hmmm… If i can find this on sunnyday.com.sg, then i’d want the Kuroko with the Tetsuya #2 gashapon. It’s frigging kawaiii~
btw, its 黒子テツヤ&テツヤ2号 (#1)

Gashapon Rakuen

ochayuukurokokisekinobreaktimeOchayuu Series Kuroko no Basuke ~Kiseki no Breaktime~
Release Date: October 2014
Price: 684 yen each

  1. 黒子テツヤ&テツヤ2号
  2. 黒子テツヤ
  3. 火神大我
  4. 赤司征十郎
  5. 青峰大輝
  6. 紫原敦
  7. 緑間真太郎
  8. 黄瀬涼太

More info here.

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