Mmmm… Custard Apples

I think i first heard about them in Reader’s Digest or somewhere. But still, i never dreamt of ever being able to taste this famed delicacy. And i remembered the ‘scoop out flesh’ part when ripe. Now i’m wondering if they’re even ripe since they taste like mangosteens but sweeter. And did i mention sour-er? The person who gave a slice to me claimed that it was brought in from Malaysia… Damn that fruit was big… Bigger than my fist(mind you i’m not even legal yet)

Speaking of mangosteens, the only impression i have of that fruit is that whenever my grandma peeled the top part with the cute leaves out, the purple-y juice would go over the white flesh that’d be either sour or sweet but hard to chew. I’m sorry, mangosteen(looks like some pokemon berry) but i have such terrible memories of you. Oddly, they bring back the times when i used to play Pokemon HG last year and tried to hatch eggs. *sigh*

BIG Exam Countdown: 84 days.

Blogging day countdown: 90 days


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