Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!

A warning to all before you read on: Alright then, i know… here we go.



Next year’s gonna be your 50th, haha. Now just to think… the vast difference in society from next door. Sometimes the history of nations reminds me of the story of humans. Then again, its just us personifying them.

Alright then, ahem. I live in a society that is fast-paced, ?bussiness-oriented and where all the parents want the best for their child and that means being the best in everything they do. It’s a way of survival, it’s a small country after all. We’re small, that’s why the metamorphosis from 3rd world to 1st world can be a lil’ bit faster. Then if we were to give credit, its 50-50 government and the people. You can say that SG has a ‘nanny’ government, very strict, make Singaporeans very obedient. Very law-abiding. Low crime rate sia!(low crime not equal no crime, m’kay?)

Ahhh…. can’t help the ‘Singlish’… haha. I grew up here after all, folks.

Stereotypically, Singaporeans are very ‘kiasu’, very selfish, very uncaring and very business and career orientated that others. 

That’s just to prove that more often than not, stereotypes are wrong.

Before i go off topic, let me just finish this…


Happy National Day to all Singaporeans reading this~

Oh, yeah, check out You know You Are Singaporean when… 



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