Short02 — Dan and I

Content: 15/20

Language-Organisation: 15/20

Total: 30/40 (highest in class i suppose)


The library was jam packed with people since it was during the school holidays and the noise children were making made studying unbearable, even though Dan and I were seated in a far corner towards the back of the library, tucked comfortably in a booth in a secluded and forgotten corner. Too comfy. Still, we had to study for the upcoming test and then library had seemingly offered a comfortable sanctuary for both of us but i was starting to regret my decision. Yet despite all odds, we had survived four hours. I furrowed my brow and glared at a toddler noisily wailing nearby and i wondered how Dan could take all the noise. I was already starting to loose focus on the topic, words were swimming from the paper and my mind screamed for a break; I was deadbeat tired and bored to death of staring at my notes. There was still another two hours to go. Another two hours of torture. Maybe I was not suited for sitting in a library for four hours staring at textbooks and notes; but i still had to. A lot the overall results dependence on this, maybe not mine but it was still important, nevertheless. So i stretched my aching muscles and yawned, sucking in the cold air to clear away the cobwebs gathering from my overworked mind. Sheesh, clocking in six straight hours at the library was totally, absolutely and definitely not my idea. When i was done, i found Dan staring at me, but a new-found chill made its way up my spine when i realised he was not staring at me. Dan was staring past me, with a puzzled and dazed look like he had just woke up from some dream. that look dreamers have and i was ultimately afraid of.

The air around me suddenly became colder and i could feel icy fingers grasping onto my skin. Goosebumps appeared and I could hear the rapid thump-thump of my heart beating against my chest as silence saturated the area, even the noisy toddler was holding abated breath. The place was silent for one, too silent for my own liking. A million thoughts buzzed through my mind which had suddenly started working for some reason but why was he staring at me. Was something wrong with Dan? My cheeks grew hot involuntarily as his nut brown orbs stared ahead, flanked by long eyelashes. I turned my head in another direction, hoping to avoid his haunting gaze but to no avail since he would only inch closer to me. “H-hey! W-what’s the matter?” I plucked up the courage to ask Dan after five nervously awkward and tiring long minutes. He did not respond but continued to stare. My voice came out as a nervous, pathetic squeak and i mentally smacked myself for sounding so… odd. “Forgot something Dan?” My words struck a cord with him. Almost at once, he broke out of his trance and opened his mouth to say something. He must’ve decided against it, since he almost immediately closed his mouth. Narrowing his eyes, he glanced around, deep in thought.

Then the unbelievable happened. Dan stood up without a word and dashed out of the library.

I gave chase immediately, but found it hard to find Dan in the throng of mothers with large shopping bags escorting their children and a myriad of shoppers. By the time i squeezed through them, Dan was gone. He had long strides and was tall, but i could not make out the familiar unruly mop of brown hair in the crowd. Stopping to catch my breath and collect my thoughts was a wise move since i knew well that finding him was harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Being a wallflower, he had somehow mastered the art of slipping in and out of crowds and adjusting his invisibility, yet to date i have not found any special tools of trade he might be keeping. I was at the second floor of the mall, having run two storeys down from the library at the fourth level. I’d thought i was hot on his trail. Now, i’d lost him.

Had the running been for nothing? I was frustrated after all the running that did not yield any success. Then the study session might was well go down the drain without my partner. The four arduous hours stuck in the library putting up with all kinds of folks and imminent boredom had been all for nothing. I felt like crying in frustration. Dan, the one who requested for the study session. Dan, the one who ran away. Slipped into the crowd and teleported somewhere to his fancy. He still had to be somewhere since last time i checked, he hadn’t mastered witchcraft. Somewhere in the mall, somewhere. He just had to be hiding, in some forgotten corner. There was nothing else to do. I calmed myself and let serendipity and intuition take me to him.

I found myself on the first floor, heading towards the entrance, where the popular dessert store was.

The moment of victory came when i spotted him, the mop of cognac brown hair dreamily joining the queue. Dan had a look of wonder on his face. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I neared him and kicked him hard in his shin. I found myself staring up at his eyes once more. “What are you buying?” He gestured at the tofu pudding, then at himself.

“Yellow for my mother. The store closes soon, i wanted to get those before they sell out, ” he offered, with a kind smile, “and would you like something too?” I’d joined the queue behind him, having been persuaded by my stomach growling. He must’ve heard it since he ended up paying for my bubble tea. Then we headed back to the library for the next one and a half hours of study.

“Sorry for making you run earlier.”

“It’s alright.”


“Yeah, really.”

Two years. We’d been friends for that long, yet he was still a mystery to me. Utterly unpredictable and absolutely sweet. Unarguably, one of the nicest, most polite and modest people i’ve met.

Dan, the boy shrouded in mystery.  Dan, the wallflower. Dan, the giant.

Dan, the boy who hardly speaks.

I wonder how odd a duo we make: a shy, kind yet severely misunderstood wallflower and a worrisome, puzzle-loving midget.

Dan, a mystery in itself and forever would be.



“Are you really okay?”


“Mmm yeah.”

“Really, really, really okay?”



“Yes. Now get back to your notes.”

“Okie, sir.”

“I’m not a sir!”

And did i mention, the most eager puppy, ever.

Next time we go jobless, we could try for standup comedy.

Yeah, right.


A/N: This is shoujou to sooo many levels. And should i include what happens next? There’s a reason why i never, ever ever disclose the narrator’s gender(the main character) since it would add to the suspense. And this…. can be considered the 2nd draft. Now for some Tsum Tsum action before i cram (hard) for me finals tomorrow~

Cheers(and boos),


aka Wen. Call me whatever you want, haha.



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