Apologize – One Republic [Piano Tutorial] // Kyle Landry (Synthesia)

I don’t know why i listen to this song more nowadays. And the fact that it doesn’t sound like the original  song sung by Onerepublic and Timbaland. The piano perhaps?

I like it…

because the notes do not conjure up really vivid emotions in me(nostalgia for Summer, innocence of childhood for Spring, the list goes on).

Is it because of the complexity? The notes, the sound is ambiguous, like coke, like doritos nachos. I forget it almost immediately. The piece does not churn out any story ideas. This is one piece i can listen to without having my brain juices overflowing. If one simply plays a piece on piano…

Or simply perhaps is it because there are simply too many emotions to feel, that i have to take time to differentiate every last one of them? The music gives me a sense of tranquility. A feeling i have yet to describe. Simply just because there are too many flavours. Is that what makes it addictive?

On piano, i’ve realised, is that there are not any immediate emotions that the listener feels. There are no words to guide the listener, there is no emotion that the listener has to specifically feel.  The piece feels like any other piano piece, with the perfect high-lows.

A minor note: i think it only works since it is a ‘new’ version of the original. Like for B.o.b’s Airplanes, Eminem has a ‘new’ version of it. The same goes for Love the Way you lie by Eminem(again, haha)

See this then, when you compare the song What I’ve Done by Linkin Park, and the piano version. The song has words, and i think it simply is rock(genre), pretty sad. The piano version has no words, in the middle, i’ve heard a dance. Or a jig. Sounds like it.  It feels like an old man/woman is sitting before you, telling you of all the happy memories shared with a lover, an old flame.(Think of Up’s Ellie and Carl) The dance makes me think of a wild, innocent dance round a wildfire on a midsummer’s night carnival, holding the hands of a person who is no more, dancing without a worry in the world. Nostalgia perhaps? Then comes the perfect love story. Awesome, now what’s left is to put it on a Word Doc, a post-it, a notepad or paper. The document may be deleted, the post-it can be lost, the paper may be torn, burnt, churned to dust. Or even eaten. But as long as the song exists, my story lives on in the notes.

‘Sad’ songs make me think of sappy love stories. Rap songs, pop songs… hmmm… the YA-kind of love, the smiles, all the stuff y’d find in shounen manga. While some songs make me eye roll. <-singers these days…

The thought brings up a quote i’ve seen somewhere: The best love story is not Romeo and Juliet who died together. It is Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together. 

This is…

how i write, perhaps?

And y’all just got a peek into a budding writer’s mind.


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