Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #1

*takes deep breathe*

My exams are over. Wooohoooo~

Now, since i love love love pokemon, i’m going to start with Pokemon Soul Silver(cus HG is SOOO overrated. Just Kidding. I wanted to catch da Lugia, peeps)

Review my dream team, maybe?

Lets see…

Cyndaquil – Starter

Mareep – Receive from Primo with egg codes or i’ll just catch one.

Gyrados – Lake of Rage

Togepi – Mystery Egg

Nidorina – Route 15

Dratini – After Clair


Lugia – Da Legendary mah homies

Furret – HM Slave/ one swiss army knife hell of a HM slave

Krabby – HM Slave




btw, guys, i’m 09213 <-trainer id no.



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