Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #3

Sorry for the slow updates~

I was too carried away battling… sigh.

Now i’m headed towards/at Ecruteak City where i will face off Morty.

Current team:




Nidorina (the purple guy)




Today’s Tuesday and i won da Bug-Catching contest.

Got a Sun Stone(not bad~)

My strategy:

Find a high-level bug. The rarer the better, but mostly you’ll find Level 18 Caterpies. I settled for a Level 17 Paras~

Throw balls at ’em. Till ya catch’em.

Then you laze around till 20 mins is over.

And then you win!

A/N: This is the pre-National Pokedex, so i have up to level 18 pokemons here. Afterwards things get exciting.


Oh, yeah and…

I caught the Sudowoodo(its a gurl~ my team majority all guys… why?!)

Then i got the Mail Spearow.

And guess what?

The awesome/evil/not-that-much-of-a-sadist me took its mail and caught a weedle on the way to replace the spearow.


i have the Spearow, the Weedle and the TM!



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