Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #4 Prt 2

Can’t leave y’all hanging there with me at le Lake of Rage, could i?

So… i found Lance.

But why does he have to leave me to battle ALL the grunts alone?

I mean like…

Why u do dis to me? Lance?!

You might as well do charge thru dat thing yerself?


Well whateva~

I head to B3 and find out the 2 passwords. Team Rocket Grunts in the game… well, they’re programmed for da sake of convenience.

And the passwords: Raticatetail and Slowpoketail… <-at least something better? Please?


Finally outta the HQ~

Then i head STRAIGHT into the gym. That’s when i realise i haven’t healed yet…

Damn, good thing i saved.

And… the gym itself.

Just saying the gym leader battle wasn’t that bad…

but mostly i battled my way through the trainers(with mostly Seels and Dewgongs) with my Ampharos(super-super-duper effective against water), only using my Typhlosion against Pryce’s Mamoswine(since Ground-type is immune to Electric-type, sigh)

I realised that after the first trainer battle, where my Typhlosion’s attacks were deemed not-so-effective. Still, after receiving the badge, Prof Elm calls and says bout the channels being switched to Team Rocket Announcements.

Time then…

4:57 PM


WHY?! Why u do dis to me?! I wanted to listen to Buena’s Password Show! (comes on at 5PM)

Turned on the Pokegear and listened to the announcement. I bet Giovanni’s reaction was to facepalm himself. (Damn, you grunts. Toldja not to be so… dumb)

At Goldenrod…

I’m sure for those of you who’ve played the game, you have to go Underground and receive the uniform from the Grunt stationed there.

So… at first nothing happens.

Goes past the grunt at L1(well, almost)

Then guess what?!

Rival(named him Silver, i’m Wen, btw) comes by and STRIPS me!

Well, good thing i went with the guy… or else…



One thought on “Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #4 Prt 2

  1. Or else the comes the trauma of Rival(Silver in my case, i prefer to go with the Pokemon Adventures Series name instead) stripping/unintended sexual harrassment<-izzit counted that way?

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