Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #4 Prt 3– Just an update on me party

At this point of time(defeating Petrel at the Goldenrod Radio Tower’s 5th floor) me party/team consists of:

Typhlosion — My starter. Wonder when his next Fire-type move will be.

Ampharos — I particularly love thundershocking EVERYTHING that isn’t ground type <-yay for this since i swept Petrel’s team with Discharge

Nidoran(male) — The purple guy. I want to evolve him when he hits level 30 something. Already have the Moonstone(thanks Mom!)

Togetic — Evolved pretty early. Learnt Fly

Gyarados — Learnt Twister

Krabby — Surprisingly useful(since i don’t have any water-types on me except this before Gyarados) HM Slave


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