Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #4

Woah, woah…

I’ve clocked in a little more than 24 hours of playtime and am in the midst of catching my lovely Red Gyrados.

Currently at the Lake of Rage, surfing when…

Had a good laugh, but i want nobody nobody but you(Read Gyarados~)

Won the bug-catching contest yesterday with a lvl 17 Caterpie and got ANOTHER sun stone.

Guess beggars can’t be choosers.

A new tip with the bug-catching contest:

As soon as you find a high-level bug and have caught it(the highest possible level, i mean), you can straightaway click the flag button and retire.

I’m sure most of y’all know it but i’m just sayin’…

For those of you who caught it, was it hard getting it to face you so you could hit the ‘A’ button to battle it?

Mine kept on swimming away… Now i understand how Eusine feels chasing Suicine, but at least mine doesn’t run all around Johto…

It’s a tough job catching dat shiny Gyarados WITHOUT fainting it since my first pokemon was Ampharos which i sent out to Paralyze it. It kept on fainting even when i used Ampharos’s WEAKEST electric move– Thundershock. <-honestly? You’re level 30, y’know?

Good thing i saved but i had to restart like around 2-3 times.

Last attempt, i figured out that i could use my Typhlosion’s fire-type moves(strongly suckish) on him to cut down his HP before  i throw my Heavy ball on him since i got him Paralyzed (by my awesome-ness~).

Ember didn’t work that much.

Tried Swift. Hardly any effect.

Last resort: Lava Plume. Hmm, okay not bad. Managed to lower its HP to red zone(safe to catch)

I wanted to play safe and use a Heavy Ball on him.


Welcome to da team, Rados~



Wut? Lulz. But i only want da Red/Shiny Gyrados.


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