Crying again…

Yep, made it to chap 104 where i read of (La)Boon. So there i went, stupidy<- i say to search it up. Anyways, i chanced upon the Rumbar Pirates page while listening to some music. But it wasn’t the music that made me cry. It was the fate of the Rumbar Pirates. Poor Boon. He’s pretty cute.

Weird, my creativity juices flow after my tears dry. Inspiration for Steampunk Hazard characters (Umber, Sierra and Jack) in Gate of Tartarus Arc.


(A/n) :  The main pairings that i ship in the whole series are these (No yaoi/ yuri, please):

Silver x Nyra <- the signature kuudere x MC

Umber x Sierra <- see above.

Jack x Doll <-the  please-smile-for-me relationship that is totally making me kya

Joker x Willow <- the love-hate relationship’

Chron San x Sird Lily <-the sweet-ass-hell relationship

Stu x Lucky <- i-just-like-you relationship. Nah, Stu’s lying.

Jeckel x Miranda <- the creepy ass-pedophile x creator complex

Jeckel x Hannah <- the ‘I’m sorry, but i can’t hate you, not for what you’ve done.’ / tearjerker





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