Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #5

I’m at the Ice Path, the second level, pushing boulders.

This sucks(a lot) since there’s one thing i absolutely hate: following directions to the last bit.

It’s annoying, really, since i tend to be faster (almost) at the walkthrough i follow

Not sure if anyone is against this, but apparently, i do have this dependence with the walkthrough(always have to follow some in order to play). But of course, i do taylor bits of the walkthrough to suit myself, such as the part of getting Dratini at Goldenrod City’s Games Corner since i didn’t bother getting a Dratini so early on. Furthermore, my two mains, Ampharos and Typhlosion are always higher-leveled than stated…

But still, this is the only place( discluding Lapras in the Union Cave) where i can catch ice-type pokemon.

Swinub isn’t half bad, since he is a duo type therefore being resistant to electric type moves



I’m outta here! Yay~


Oh, and Vance(the bird trainer or something i met at the Ice Cave Entrance) called, i went there and battled him, now i’ve got a Carbos~

Also, i’ve gotten a leaf stone from Gina…

not sure what i got from Youngster Ian along Route 34 though… (Oh! A Persim Berry!)

Current team (at the moment):











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