Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #6 Prt 2

Nothing much happened, except that my Swinub leveled up thanks to the exp share i traded for the red scale (but not as fast as Togetic, who went from lv 11 to lv 25)

Finally! It’s learning some ice-type moves…

But no progress on my Nidorino (sorry pal)

Still, level 28 is not high enough…

I bulbapedia-ed Blackthorn City gym, seems like ALL the trainers have higher leveled pokemon than my Swinub.

However, being the person who ABSOLUTELY loves using Ampharos on every type except Ground and Grass type, i realised that for Clair’s battle, i could send out my Ampharos against her 1st and last pokemon, Gyarados and Seadra respectively. The rest… i’ll manage with my Typhosion.

Tried battling the gym trainers first…

Turns out, i have to use two discharges against them to faint them. I wonder what’ll happen if i use my Typhlosion though…

The two discharges work for Dratini, i just need one to faint Seadra. But against Dragonair, the discharge only lowered it to the yellow zone, sigh.

I still need to work on my Swinub<-still level 28, but i bet he’ll be OHKO’d by the dragon-types.

That’s what i said i screwed up pretty terribly for this gym, especially.

So i went on and searched up Dragonair…

Wut?! It’s half-resistant to BOTH fire and electric-types?! *epic face-table*

Swinub, WHY?!

But still, THANK YOU so very much, game developers!

For putting out Geodudes and Gravellers on Route 48 that i could OHKO with my Swinub(Nubbie)’s Mud Bomb.

Well, at LEAST i’m earning EXP, right, or left?


Whew! I remebered the Move Tutor in Blackthorn City… taught my Typhlosion Blast Burn…

Now that i think of it…

In the game you are allowed to pick BOTH a Kanto Starter AND a Hoen Starter, right, or left?

Since i chose Typhlosion, which is a fire-type, i should go with duo-types, if possible.

Well, then, i think i’ll have Bulbasaur and Mudkip then. After all, who can’t turn down FREE pokemon, huh?


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