Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #6

Today’s Tuesday, so the bug-catching contest is ON.


Tried a few times with my Swinub, he got poisoned every time…

I had to restart the game who knows how many times, but for my current attempt, i am going to use Nidorino and TRY to win using my ‘strategy’ which is…



Extra Tip: Save before you enter the contest, that way you can restart if you aren’t pleased with your results.

1. Find a high-leveled (preferably rare, like Pinsir or Scyther) bug but you can also consider getting a level 17-18 Caterpie/Weedle (works for me MOST of the time)

2. Throw balls at it until you catch it.

3. Hit the Retire button.

4. Expect to get either 1st or 2nd.

5. If you aren’t please with your result, restart the game.

6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 again until you are pleased.


Ended up getting an Everstone  since i got 2nd in place.

Turns out Route 48  which is JUST outside the Safari Zone is a GREAT place to level up my Swinub(currently Lv 24 at the time i am typing).

I have yet to evolve my Nidorino into Nidoking even though i have the Moon Stone(thanks! Mom~), i want to evolve ONLY when he hits level 30… which isn’t as far away as i thought…

Later on…

Since today is Tuesday and Tuscanny of the Week Siblings will be at Route 29, i flew there to get the FREE Twisted Spoon.

Freaky thing was…

As soon as i stepped into the grass at Route 29, a wild Entei appeared!

At first i was like…

I don’t remember such a big pokemon here…

Then i was like…

Ampharos! Paralyze him!

But then he fled…

Sorry no screenshots, sigh…

Still, i don’t think i have strong enough pokemon to challenge Clair yet, i remember in my previous game(which i pretty much screwed up a shit load) i barely made it through the Blackthorn Gym.





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