Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #7

So… my Swinub evolved~ Yippe~

Now your stronger…

But i’ll make you stronger~

Currently am on Route 48.

My battling experience with Gloom has made me hate encountering it.

First off, does it have ANY other moves besides those that poison, paralyze or make you fall asleep?! The last 2 are fine, but i can’t remember how many times i’ve dragged my (poor) Typhlosion to the Pokemon Center to heal just cus of Gloom’s Poisonpowder?! And butterfree too…


At least i have Nidorino(for revenge, mah homies~)

And next, i can’t remember how many photos i’ve taken with my team since Cameron the old guy managed to Kage Bunshin No Jutsu himself so many times all over Johto AND Kanto

Still, do you know the WORST feeling ever?

It’s when someone calls you on the Pokegear and you JUST happen to random encounter a wild pokemon…

Even if its crap, sigh. The worst kind are from characters wanting to give you gifts, OR your mom.

And why do i HAVE to miss the important ones but NOT the ones on crap…

Still, Vance the birdy guy challenged me twice in a day(yesterday) so i got 2 Carbos(yay!)

I’m planning to evolve my Eevee (level 2o something) into an Umbreon when i’ve got time to play at night.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Pokemon Soul Silver Team


2 thoughts on “Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #7

  1. was it frustrating when you knew why magikarp is the worst pokemon? I mean 1st worst because I can’t teach it any moves,I can’t use a water stone on it, can’t swim and I need it to be level 20 to evolve?! HOW CAN I BATTLE WITH IT! I CANT JUST WASTE 20 RARE CANDIES ON A MAGIKARP?! Then when i did NO EVOLUTION! THIS MUST HAVE ATE AN EVERSTONE!

    • Hmm… for once i caught THE red gyarados in HGSS, but not sure for other versions.
      However, i do know that usually trainers would either run or use magikarp as a pokemon for gaining exp when encountered in the wild(thats what i do, at least)
      Also, i think that gyarados can be encountered separately in the wild, so evolving magikarp is not the only choice. The only game where you HAVE to evolve magikarp to get Gyarados is Black and White, but i do think there are better choices than that.

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