Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #8

Well then, since today is Thursday of all days, the bug-catching contest is ON and i have to meet Arthur at Route 36 for the FREE Hard Stone.

Seems like the competition is getting tougher, since i got 3rd place today even though i caught a lvl 17 Metapod. The first was a Scyther, huh.

So i got my 1st Sitrus berry (was getting tired of the Sun stones and Everstones.) Yahoo~

Lesson learnt: Getting first place is not everything, especially for pre-Nationaldex bug-catching contests.

Several (severely one-sided)battles later…

Yippie! My Nubbie (now a Piloswine) is already Lv 40~ So it learnt Earthquake, which replaced the (very suckish) Take Down that always missed.

Now off to the Blackthorncity Gym…

This sucks, cos my Ampharos ALWAYS gets KO’d by Clair’s Seadra…. my Typhlosion is no help…

Now that i think of it, Ampharos is what i’m majorly worried about. It’s moves,i mean.

Let’s see then…

Thunderpunch/ Discharge

Thunder/ Thunderbolt(obtain at Cerulean Cave)

Signal Beam

Power Gem

Gyarados… Or Lapras?

Lets see then…

Hydro Pump/ Earthquake(@ Victory Road)
Dragon Dance
Ice Fang

Now then, i’m on Route 48 which i figured was one of the BEST training spots.

My reaction when i encounter  Glooms: NO! RUN!

At least i caught a level 24 Gloom, haha.





2 thoughts on “Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #8

  1. For Ampharos, I’d go with:
    – Discharge (until you get Thunderbolt)
    – Thunder Wave (as a support move)
    – Power Gem (decent coverage move)
    – Light Screen (another support move to protect from Special Attacks) / Signal Beam (if you think you need the Bug-type coverage move)

    That was my favorite way to run Ampharos in Heart Gold!

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