Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #9 Prt 2

I’ve gotten 8 badges, yay!

Now off to New Bark Town (to get da FREE Masterball) then Ecruteak City to battle the Kimono Sisters.

It seems like my poor Ampharos is always the one getting thrashed(thank goodness i’ve got the Shell Bell on him)


Shall i do a team review?

My objective is currently to battle the Indigo League…


Vs Will:

Ampharos against Xatu

Typhlosion against Jinx

Ampharos against Slowbro

Typhlosion against Exeggutor

Ampharos against Xatu

Vs Koga:

Typhlosion against Ariados

Typhlosion against Forretress

Ampharos against Muk

Typhlosion against Venomoth

Ampharos against Crobat

Vs Bruno:

Lugia/ Typhlosion/ Ampharos against Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan & Machamp

Gyarados against Onix

Vs Karen:

Ampharos against Umbreon, Murkrow

Typhlosion/ Gyarados/ Piloswine against Vileplume

Gyarados against Houndoom

Ampharos/ Typhlosion/ Gyarados against Gengar

Vs Lance:

Ampharos vs Gyarados

Gyarados/ Piloswine against Dragonite

Gyarados vs Aerodacytl, Charizard

Seems like Gyarados is in the limelight for a lot, huh.

So it’ll at LEAST have to be higher than lv 50. <-all moves learnt at lv 47, though i just have to make it to lv 44, 1 more level to go~

For Typhlosion, Ampharos and Lugia,

they’ll have to be lv 60, lv 68, lv 50

Piloswine, well, lv 50. <-to be dragged out JIC

Typhlosion moveset:


Blast Burn


Double Edge?

Lugia moveset:


Hydro Pump







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