Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #9

Mondays… are well, sort-of-boring. Well, just to say that almost EVERY day is boring when you HAVE to go to school even though you’ve done with your exams and play board/card games. I betcha most of us in me current situation would’ve opted to stay at home, but i’ve got no choice, per see. The same boring-ness applies to Pokemon games, since bug-catching contests are held only on Tuesdays(today), Thursdays and Saturdays, so having nothing better to do, i decided on 2 things:

1. To catch up on anime (namely Kuroshitsuji and the latest episode of Gugure! Kokkuri-san)

2. To train up me Gyarados.

And that was all for yesterday.

Today’s Tuesday so the bug-catching contest is ON, yippie.

I don’t feel like repeating my strategy again but if you’re leave in the cold about this, scroll down the archives or head to the category Pokemon.

So… i went ahead and caught a Lv 17 Caterpie. Hmm, not bad. Maybe a 3rd for this= Sitrus Berry <-yay! I only have 1.

Then i wandered into the tall grass for a while and encountered a lv 14 Pinsir (this is one rare bug).

I caught it after MANY unsuccessful attempts…

Then i retired. <-time was 19 mins. Reaction: Wut? SO slow?!

Turns out, i got 1st… so my 3rd Sun stone.

And i still have to pick up my 12 love balls from Kurt <- as absurd as this is, then go apricorn-hunting.

Afterwards i head back to his house and get dem balls.

Well then, being able to have FREE balls is probably why i like HGSS so much, apart from the fact that there aren’t many berries around.

Green  – Friendship ball (pretty useless for catching)

Red – Level ball (useful for catching low-leveled pokemon)

Black – Heavy ball (useful for catching heavy pokemon)

Blue – Lure ball (useful for catching pokemon encountered when fishing)

Pink – Love ball (useful for catching pokemon of opposite gender)

Yellow – Moon ball (works well with pokemon that evolves using Moon Stone)

White – Fast ball ( works better with faster pokemon)


Back to work.

Since Gyarados is a water-type, i found a pretty nice place to train it: Route 48. Route 48 is chock full of Rock-types from lv 23-25, so Rados gets  quite some(but not much) EXP battling them, but it was here that its level shot up pretty quickly.

To the gym~

I passed through Clair’s Kingdra (whews)… the rest isn’t much of a problem.

On to get my FREE Dratini~

According to the guide i’m following (but not completely)

You’ll have to answer the Elder


Afterwards, you talk to him again with a free slot. He’ll give you THE Dratini with Extremespeed. Yay!



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