Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #10

Today is a Thursday so the Bug-catching contest is ON.

I managed to catch a Scyther, retiring with 17 mins left and i got 1st place, my 4th sun stone.

Let’s see, i routinely go Apricorn hunting, i’ll make a list of places i visit then.

Ecruteak City

Mahogany Town

Azalea Town

These are just the places that have berries near them, otherwise i won’t really bother.

And on the way to Olivine City… the route just outside Ecruteak, i encountered Raikou.

Damn… At first i was like… hey, the music is different…

Then i realised…


But damn… it escaped…

Now that i think of it…

I should set up my legendary capture team!

Stantler — Hypnotise

Golbat — Mean Look

Scyther — False Swipe

Also planning to use it on any pokemon i deem neccessary to me team.

Let me update my team for a bit…


After 2-3 resets, many rounds of Hyper-Potioning my Ampharos(luv ya baby~), i’ve FINALLY caught Lugia!


Now then…

First of all i lowered its HP with my Ampharos’s kick-ass moves until the bird only had like a tiny little sliver of HP left, which means i’ve SEVERELY red-zoned him.

I initially wanted to make do with Scyther’s False Swipe, but the first round it had no effect… sigh.

I wanted to Hypnotise Lugia with Stantler (but the guy wasn’t high-leveled enough, so he got OHKO’d)

Seems like i’d have to drop Stantler and Scyther at the Day Care… to level up. Would they have an egg? I wonder…


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