Thoughts after playing Dumb Ways to Die

Okay then, to admit it, i almost forgot about the game when i first started downloading games last month on me iPad after le finals. I finally remembered it some time ago and went ahead to download the gory-yet-undeniably-cute? game.

You know, i sort of love it that they used humanoid-y blobs instead of real humans in the cartoon. That would’ve put many– if not most people off. But the video was still a success, despite how gory it is.

And it even went to have a game app launched. WOW!

I just re-watched the video today, it seems like every character looks like a weirdly shaped sausage.

But then… i sure do hope it doesn’t give any ideas. ‘Cus that’s just TOO dumb.

Then any person to do any of those would’ve been too dumb to die. <- i hope i haven’t offended anyone.

The vid is below for those of you who wish to re-watch it again.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts after playing Dumb Ways to Die

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