On a plane flying home…

I am seated by the window, staring at the shiny lights below. The lights are in clusters, like tiny jewels on a jet black cloth, they are uniform in colour and size. Some lights form a wavy line, i look closer and discover that they are actually lights illuminating highways– devoid of people. The cars below are so small, like ants crawling about in their business, the buildings pop out like bricks of lego. Suddenly i begin to realise how small we humans actually are— but fleas on nature’s pelt.

A thought crawls through my head— i wonder what did Ryan feel when he was sitting on a plane, flying away from his home country to a foreign new place. And i wonder what i will feel years later, when i leave the nest, spread my wings(not literally) and fly away. Will i miss the sights and scents that make this little red dot unique? If so, what will i miss the most?

Sometimes i think it is the moments you share with someone that makes a place unique– making a memory good enough to remember. A camera takes pictures– freezing a moment for eternity and capturing it for ourselves, but will it capture and retain the feelings and thoughts behind them all? Probably no. Maybe this is only expressed by words alone.

Anyways, goodbye, my short 15 day trip in China. I will visit again, Grandmas, so stay alive till then!