Hi, my name’s Wen. Or just call me Silver.

Favourite anime: Kuroshitsuji, Kuroko No Basket, Noragami

I probably am what you call a typical yet not so typical human: I’m a capricorn( i simply love to do things intuitively), an introvert with a rather alternative personality(i wear many hats, y’see. I’m collecting ’em). The latter probably contribute to my love of writing. Just writing.

Really, i’m just yer typical human, who loves writing stories(making them up in my head), playing Pokemon(rage-quiting pokemon), watches anime(mainly reads manga and doujin). I’ll be posting my stories and memorable events of my typical everyday life that aren’t too intimate to share as well as loads and loads  of manga stuff(currently Kuroshitsuji and Kuroko No Basket–watch it, its awesome~)

Email(spam me, but no threats/ personal info):


Check out my e-stories:

Games I play:

Pokemon Soul Silver via Desume Emulator(sigh, can’t afford nintendo console)

Game commentary/Sandbox essays<-might become a one-shot, you never know:

Check me homepage. Free sample of me latest(and currently, only) e-book Moon Type here

Well then, a little easter egg for y’all.

Scroll down(like really down) me archives and find a nice surprise.

Book Reviews/Manga Reviews

Blogging status: Full steam ahead

^I’ll blog more starting October. Needa cram for me finals. 1st October 2014

Hey there! I just started playing some (random) adoption games, so please do click…

You will right?


(3/11/’15 EDIT: Nothing in here at present moment)


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