Its been a long time…

I swear its been a long time/hiatus since i’ve last posted and that was about pokemon.

Truth to be told, there’s many things going on in this month.

First off, i’m (being forced to) diet and excercise, as well as to read up a list of classics. [Am currently reading Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, i find the farts amusing]. So you can guess what happened to my Pokemon HGSS game…

Next up is that i’ve registered for this year’s NaNoWriMo (you can see my story here). My current story is a bit dark, huh… seems like i’m watching too much Kuroshitsuji haha.

Following that is me going off for a holiday starting Nov 26 (SG time, which is GMT + 8) to Dec 10. Will send pics if possible (gotta download dat WP app on me iPad)

Another is my ‘new’ interest in games.

On my iPad (hush, don’t tell me mum!) i currently have:

Dumb Ways to Die

My talking Tom <-le cat’s name Shain Ryan

Pocket Frogs

Tsum Tsum

and a couple o’ Angry bird games i’ll never be playing. Cus i suck at ’em.

A new thing i have never mentioned is my general preference of RPGs over the video games. Especially when it comes to Pokemon.

When i was younger, someone *ahem* lent me a PSP to play for a while, i kinda got hooked up on the hacked version of the Pokemon games on it instead of playing Tetris.

Anyways, i was (and am) too poor to afford a proper gaming console so…

to fuel my love for pokemon, i took to playing RPGs. Or MMORPGs, if you want to.

Here’s a list of RPGs i’ve played:

Pokemon Vortex <-okay… this one is boring

Pokemon Creed <- the forum is an awesome time-waster. Stuck to it for the longest tho…

and some others i’ve forgot.

Not to forget Unlimited Ninja or whatev it is. <-ads are popping up everywhere.

I tried Game321’s games for a while, but i got bored. <-where’s the game i played last time?!

I’ll (try my best) to update my ideas of my NaNoWrimo entry here… but its freakin’ complicated.

And dark.

Hint hint: There’s a shitload of grisly murders/deaths/suicides, weird blond camera dude, a seducer with no gender preference, dumb blondes, fiery red heads. And last but NOT least… Angels. Angels everywhere.

Somehow this horror/supernatural thing got turned into romance at the end.

*sigh* i’m pathetic…., haha



Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #10

Today is a Thursday so the Bug-catching contest is ON.

I managed to catch a Scyther, retiring with 17 mins left and i got 1st place, my 4th sun stone.

Let’s see, i routinely go Apricorn hunting, i’ll make a list of places i visit then.

Ecruteak City

Mahogany Town

Azalea Town

These are just the places that have berries near them, otherwise i won’t really bother.

And on the way to Olivine City… the route just outside Ecruteak, i encountered Raikou.

Damn… At first i was like… hey, the music is different…

Then i realised…


But damn… it escaped…

Now that i think of it…

I should set up my legendary capture team!

Stantler — Hypnotise

Golbat — Mean Look

Scyther — False Swipe

Also planning to use it on any pokemon i deem neccessary to me team.

Let me update my team for a bit…


After 2-3 resets, many rounds of Hyper-Potioning my Ampharos(luv ya baby~), i’ve FINALLY caught Lugia!


Now then…

First of all i lowered its HP with my Ampharos’s kick-ass moves until the bird only had like a tiny little sliver of HP left, which means i’ve SEVERELY red-zoned him.

I initially wanted to make do with Scyther’s False Swipe, but the first round it had no effect… sigh.

I wanted to Hypnotise Lugia with Stantler (but the guy wasn’t high-leveled enough, so he got OHKO’d)

Seems like i’d have to drop Stantler and Scyther at the Day Care… to level up. Would they have an egg? I wonder…

Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #9 Prt 2

I’ve gotten 8 badges, yay!

Now off to New Bark Town (to get da FREE Masterball) then Ecruteak City to battle the Kimono Sisters.

It seems like my poor Ampharos is always the one getting thrashed(thank goodness i’ve got the Shell Bell on him)


Shall i do a team review?

My objective is currently to battle the Indigo League…


Vs Will:

Ampharos against Xatu

Typhlosion against Jinx

Ampharos against Slowbro

Typhlosion against Exeggutor

Ampharos against Xatu

Vs Koga:

Typhlosion against Ariados

Typhlosion against Forretress

Ampharos against Muk

Typhlosion against Venomoth

Ampharos against Crobat

Vs Bruno:

Lugia/ Typhlosion/ Ampharos against Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan & Machamp

Gyarados against Onix

Vs Karen:

Ampharos against Umbreon, Murkrow

Typhlosion/ Gyarados/ Piloswine against Vileplume

Gyarados against Houndoom

Ampharos/ Typhlosion/ Gyarados against Gengar

Vs Lance:

Ampharos vs Gyarados

Gyarados/ Piloswine against Dragonite

Gyarados vs Aerodacytl, Charizard

Seems like Gyarados is in the limelight for a lot, huh.

So it’ll at LEAST have to be higher than lv 50. <-all moves learnt at lv 47, though i just have to make it to lv 44, 1 more level to go~

For Typhlosion, Ampharos and Lugia,

they’ll have to be lv 60, lv 68, lv 50

Piloswine, well, lv 50. <-to be dragged out JIC

Typhlosion moveset:


Blast Burn


Double Edge?

Lugia moveset:


Hydro Pump






Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #9

Mondays… are well, sort-of-boring. Well, just to say that almost EVERY day is boring when you HAVE to go to school even though you’ve done with your exams and play board/card games. I betcha most of us in me current situation would’ve opted to stay at home, but i’ve got no choice, per see. The same boring-ness applies to Pokemon games, since bug-catching contests are held only on Tuesdays(today), Thursdays and Saturdays, so having nothing better to do, i decided on 2 things:

1. To catch up on anime (namely Kuroshitsuji and the latest episode of Gugure! Kokkuri-san)

2. To train up me Gyarados.

And that was all for yesterday.

Today’s Tuesday so the bug-catching contest is ON, yippie.

I don’t feel like repeating my strategy again but if you’re leave in the cold about this, scroll down the archives or head to the category Pokemon.

So… i went ahead and caught a Lv 17 Caterpie. Hmm, not bad. Maybe a 3rd for this= Sitrus Berry <-yay! I only have 1.

Then i wandered into the tall grass for a while and encountered a lv 14 Pinsir (this is one rare bug).

I caught it after MANY unsuccessful attempts…

Then i retired. <-time was 19 mins. Reaction: Wut? SO slow?!

Turns out, i got 1st… so my 3rd Sun stone.

And i still have to pick up my 12 love balls from Kurt <- as absurd as this is, then go apricorn-hunting.

Afterwards i head back to his house and get dem balls.

Well then, being able to have FREE balls is probably why i like HGSS so much, apart from the fact that there aren’t many berries around.

Green  – Friendship ball (pretty useless for catching)

Red – Level ball (useful for catching low-leveled pokemon)

Black – Heavy ball (useful for catching heavy pokemon)

Blue – Lure ball (useful for catching pokemon encountered when fishing)

Pink – Love ball (useful for catching pokemon of opposite gender)

Yellow – Moon ball (works well with pokemon that evolves using Moon Stone)

White – Fast ball ( works better with faster pokemon)


Back to work.

Since Gyarados is a water-type, i found a pretty nice place to train it: Route 48. Route 48 is chock full of Rock-types from lv 23-25, so Rados gets  quite some(but not much) EXP battling them, but it was here that its level shot up pretty quickly.

To the gym~

I passed through Clair’s Kingdra (whews)… the rest isn’t much of a problem.

On to get my FREE Dratini~

According to the guide i’m following (but not completely)

You’ll have to answer the Elder


Afterwards, you talk to him again with a free slot. He’ll give you THE Dratini with Extremespeed. Yay!


Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #8

Well then, since today is Thursday of all days, the bug-catching contest is ON and i have to meet Arthur at Route 36 for the FREE Hard Stone.

Seems like the competition is getting tougher, since i got 3rd place today even though i caught a lvl 17 Metapod. The first was a Scyther, huh.

So i got my 1st Sitrus berry (was getting tired of the Sun stones and Everstones.) Yahoo~

Lesson learnt: Getting first place is not everything, especially for pre-Nationaldex bug-catching contests.

Several (severely one-sided)battles later…

Yippie! My Nubbie (now a Piloswine) is already Lv 40~ So it learnt Earthquake, which replaced the (very suckish) Take Down that always missed.

Now off to the Blackthorncity Gym…

This sucks, cos my Ampharos ALWAYS gets KO’d by Clair’s Seadra…. my Typhlosion is no help…

Now that i think of it, Ampharos is what i’m majorly worried about. It’s moves,i mean.

Let’s see then…

Thunderpunch/ Discharge

Thunder/ Thunderbolt(obtain at Cerulean Cave)

Signal Beam

Power Gem

Gyarados… Or Lapras?

Lets see then…

Hydro Pump/ Earthquake(@ Victory Road)
Dragon Dance
Ice Fang

Now then, i’m on Route 48 which i figured was one of the BEST training spots.

My reaction when i encounter  Glooms: NO! RUN!

At least i caught a level 24 Gloom, haha.




(Almost) Everytime after i save my Pokemon SS game…

Wonder if y’all have had this experience before, but this…

Happens almost everytime after i save my pokemon game on Desume(emulator)


take example,

You’ve saved.

You’re on Route XX and you want to fly to YY City.

Route 48 and you want to fly to Blackthorn City.

And then…

The game freezes…

Well, good thing i saved.

But the annoying thing is that i have to restart.


Not sure if those of you on DS experience this or not…

If no, i’m considering of getting a 2nd hand 3DS this Christmas…

Pokemon Soul Silver Adventures #7

So… my Swinub evolved~ Yippe~

Now your stronger…

But i’ll make you stronger~

Currently am on Route 48.

My battling experience with Gloom has made me hate encountering it.

First off, does it have ANY other moves besides those that poison, paralyze or make you fall asleep?! The last 2 are fine, but i can’t remember how many times i’ve dragged my (poor) Typhlosion to the Pokemon Center to heal just cus of Gloom’s Poisonpowder?! And butterfree too…


At least i have Nidorino(for revenge, mah homies~)

And next, i can’t remember how many photos i’ve taken with my team since Cameron the old guy managed to Kage Bunshin No Jutsu himself so many times all over Johto AND Kanto

Still, do you know the WORST feeling ever?

It’s when someone calls you on the Pokegear and you JUST happen to random encounter a wild pokemon…

Even if its crap, sigh. The worst kind are from characters wanting to give you gifts, OR your mom.

And why do i HAVE to miss the important ones but NOT the ones on crap…

Still, Vance the birdy guy challenged me twice in a day(yesterday) so i got 2 Carbos(yay!)

I’m planning to evolve my Eevee (level 2o something) into an Umbreon when i’ve got time to play at night.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Pokemon Soul Silver Team