Ten days to my two year anniversary!

I am taking a breather from my writing for NaNoWriMo, gonna go back to it…

But, first, this.

I started this blog with a cliched First Post. And it was back in 2013…

2013 was a year of… i dont really know? Mishaps.

I didnt get along well with my classmates back then, and it was a year id rather forget.

Still, a year is a year. 2013 was the year i wrote my first book, Moon Type. You can find the ebook under Books Availible Online

Im still writing, still breathing.

2014 was the year i studied. Really, really hard.

2014 November was the time i started on my first NaNoWriMo– Children of the Night.

2014 October 31st was the day i started GPX+. Here goes to RPGs.

Then came 2015, hectic, fun and lovable 2015.

I made tons of new friends.

(Im sure no one reads my blog, haha)

Back to writing, back to writing…


NaNoWriMo 2015

Its been a long time since i used this blog…

Excuses, excuses and even more excuses.
School has ended, so its the season to read, to write, to revise and to do homework.

A lot has happened in the past year, and there’s simply too much to say, so i’ll leave that to new year’s.

Tis the season to be writing…

Click on the hyperlink to read my story!

Hound And Its Owner–Silver

On a plane flying home…

I am seated by the window, staring at the shiny lights below. The lights are in clusters, like tiny jewels on a jet black cloth, they are uniform in colour and size. Some lights form a wavy line, i look closer and discover that they are actually lights illuminating highways– devoid of people. The cars below are so small, like ants crawling about in their business, the buildings pop out like bricks of lego. Suddenly i begin to realise how small we humans actually are— but fleas on nature’s pelt.

A thought crawls through my head— i wonder what did Ryan feel when he was sitting on a plane, flying away from his home country to a foreign new place. And i wonder what i will feel years later, when i leave the nest, spread my wings(not literally) and fly away. Will i miss the sights and scents that make this little red dot unique? If so, what will i miss the most?

Sometimes i think it is the moments you share with someone that makes a place unique– making a memory good enough to remember. A camera takes pictures– freezing a moment for eternity and capturing it for ourselves, but will it capture and retain the feelings and thoughts behind them all? Probably no. Maybe this is only expressed by words alone.

Anyways, goodbye, my short 15 day trip in China. I will visit again, Grandmas, so stay alive till then!

Thoughts after playing Dumb Ways to Die

Okay then, to admit it, i almost forgot about the game when i first started downloading games last month on me iPad after le finals. I finally remembered it some time ago and went ahead to download the gory-yet-undeniably-cute? game.

You know, i sort of love it that they used humanoid-y blobs instead of real humans in the cartoon. That would’ve put many– if not most people off. But the video was still a success, despite how gory it is.

And it even went to have a game app launched. WOW!

I just re-watched the video today, it seems like every character looks like a weirdly shaped sausage.

But then… i sure do hope it doesn’t give any ideas. ‘Cus that’s just TOO dumb.

Then any person to do any of those would’ve been too dumb to die. <- i hope i haven’t offended anyone.

The vid is below for those of you who wish to re-watch it again.

Its been a long time…

I swear its been a long time/hiatus since i’ve last posted and that was about pokemon.

Truth to be told, there’s many things going on in this month.

First off, i’m (being forced to) diet and excercise, as well as to read up a list of classics. [Am currently reading Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, i find the farts amusing]. So you can guess what happened to my Pokemon HGSS game…

Next up is that i’ve registered for this year’s NaNoWriMo (you can see my story here). My current story is a bit dark, huh… seems like i’m watching too much Kuroshitsuji haha.

Following that is me going off for a holiday starting Nov 26 (SG time, which is GMT + 8) to Dec 10. Will send pics if possible (gotta download dat WP app on me iPad)

Another is my ‘new’ interest in games.

On my iPad (hush, don’t tell me mum!) i currently have:

Dumb Ways to Die

My talking Tom <-le cat’s name Shain Ryan

Pocket Frogs

Tsum Tsum

and a couple o’ Angry bird games i’ll never be playing. Cus i suck at ’em.

A new thing i have never mentioned is my general preference of RPGs over the video games. Especially when it comes to Pokemon.

When i was younger, someone *ahem* lent me a PSP to play for a while, i kinda got hooked up on the hacked version of the Pokemon games on it instead of playing Tetris.

Anyways, i was (and am) too poor to afford a proper gaming console so…

to fuel my love for pokemon, i took to playing RPGs. Or MMORPGs, if you want to.

Here’s a list of RPGs i’ve played:

Pokemon Vortex <-okay… this one is boring

Pokemon Creed <- the forum is an awesome time-waster. Stuck to it for the longest tho…

and some others i’ve forgot.

Not to forget Unlimited Ninja or whatev it is. <-ads are popping up everywhere.

I tried Game321’s games for a while, but i got bored. <-where’s the game i played last time?!

I’ll (try my best) to update my ideas of my NaNoWrimo entry here… but its freakin’ complicated.

And dark.

Hint hint: There’s a shitload of grisly murders/deaths/suicides, weird blond camera dude, a seducer with no gender preference, dumb blondes, fiery red heads. And last but NOT least… Angels. Angels everywhere.

Somehow this horror/supernatural thing got turned into romance at the end.

*sigh* i’m pathetic…., haha